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May 31, 2016

Last shot of May – Ivy covered building in downtown Toronto

I never know when I’ll see something that makes me want to stop and take a photo.  Today, trotting along the hall of a building near St Lawrence Market, I saw one.  I pass by this window quite often and I love the building. I take the back route specifically to stop and admire it.  Taking a photo through a window is tricky – glare, rain spots, dirt all conspire to turn a potentially great photo into a crap shot.  But today … oh today was different:

Photo: Ivy covered building near St. Lawrence Centre Toronto

The windows had just been scrubbed clean and the light was perfect.

I’m not sure what building it is. I have a bad sense of direction at the best of times, and when I can’t see the CN Tower, I get even more turned around (that’s my south guide point). Left and right are difficult enough, don’t get me started on north and south.  You can just see St. James Cathederal clock tower behind the building so I think it’s north facing because of tower’s position in relation to my friend’s condo. So it must be looking north towards Church and King St. but don’t hold me to that.


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