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Looking at Indonesian stamps 2021

Written by catpaw
March 05, 2022

It took bit of time, but I finally finished my first serious foray into modern Indonesian philately with Indonesia’s 2021 stamps. And I’m so happy with what I’ve found. Indonesia threw up a few interesting topics to dive into and I whiled away an afternoon (or two) enjoying traditional folk dances, foods and a lot of history. Then I remembered I was supposed to be writing this article and returned to the introduction. 

The best issue of the year turned into two. Once again, I couldn’t decide on one, so I opted to show both. Baliphex made an appearance at the end of the 2021 program. This pair of souvenir sheets was issued for the annual stamp exhibition held in Bali.  

Prisma: 13th Baliphex souvenir isheet 1 Indonesia's 2021 stamps Prisma: 13th Baliphex souvenir sheet two Indonesia's 2021 stamps

Wish I could tell you who the designer was, but Indonesia’s post office didn’t list them. I also debated about posting who I thought the figures are in the stamps, but I couldn’t be 100%, so I’ll err on the side of caution and not post possible incorrect information with the hope someone from the area can offer details.  I wish my scans were better, because they don’t do justice to the originals. The images and colours pop off the page. These two souvenir sheets are  magnificent pieces of art. 

The second favourite will be no surprise to people who follow this site – FOOD.  WONDERFUL GLORIOUS FOOD! Geographical Food Producers offered two top flight FDCs for collectors of Indonesian stamps as well as specialists in agrarian topics. Take an eyeful of these two covers. 

2021-Geographical-Food-Products-fdc-1-1024x677 2021-Geographica-food-products-fdc-2-1024x717 

Spices, coffee, vanilla and nuts oh my! The two covers are beautifully laid out. Indonesian foods previous appeared on stamps in 2010 & 2012 with Traditional Foods by designer ArCom Bandung, 2011 Fish Consumption  by designer Triadi M, 2016 Indonesian Spices by Karyono, and 2017 Fruit by Pos Kreatif. I love a post office that appreciates local foods and spices. 

The cancel images used aren’t the best. It’s unfortunate that Pos Indonesia doesn’t offer high quality scans of each cancel because they are interesting.  2021’s Geographical Food Producers cancel is an example of how effective the post marks are.


Nutmeg! Yum.  I better stop here before the site turns into a food blog.  Enjoy this year’s stamp offerings. They are fun, fascinating and addictive. Wait, did I just find a new country to collect? So many stamps, so little time. 


Gong Xi Fa Cai: Ghosty Comic Chinese New Year

Indonesia Ghostys comic Indonesia Ghostys comic sheet Indonesia's 2021 stamps

2021-Ghosty-inside-pg-2-232x300 2021-Ghosty-front-pg-232x300  2021-Ghosty-back-233x300

4 stamps on mini sheet, 1 mini sheet, 1 post card, special pack
4 colour offset with 1 invisible ink

Ghosty was originally published on Facebook, premiering May 12, 2016

(20+) GHOSTY’s COMIC | Facebook 
Appreciation of Comic Strip “Ghosty’s Comic” Page 1 –

Release date: February 4, 2021

Tahun Kerbau: Year of the Ox


2021-Yr-of-Ox-ss Indonesia's 2022 stamps

2021-Year-of-Ox-post-crd Indonesia's 2021 stamps

2021-Yr-of-Ox-inside-pg-22021-Yr-of-ox-inside-pg-1-274x3002021-Yr-of-Ox-front Indonesia's 2022 stamps2021-Yr-of-Ox-back-273x300

1 stamp on souvenir sheet, 3 stamps on mini sheet, postcard, special pack
4 colour offset with 1 invisible ink

See all of the 2021 Year of the Ox stamps and 2022 Year of the Tiger stamps

Release date: February 11, 2021

Covid 19 Vaccinations

Vaccination-Vaccination-Covid-fdc cancel 



Vaccination-Vaccination-Covid-fdc Indonesia's 2021 stamps

2 stamps, 1 sheet of 14 with both stamps, FDC, cancel 
4 colour offset with 1 invisible ink

Release date: February 26, 2021 


Folk dance – Tari Tradisional

Tari-Traditional-fdc cancel 

 Tari-Traditional-2v Indonesia's 2022 stamps


Tari-Traditional-fdc Indonesia's 2022 stamps

2 stamps, 1 sheet of 14 with both stamps, FDC, cancel 
4 colour offset with 1 invisible ink

34 Traditional Indonesian Dances (
UNESCO has recognised 4 different traditional dances of Indonesia as Intangible Cultural Heritage. 3 Balinese dances were recognized in 2015 and Saman dance from Aceh in 2011. 
Three genres of traditional dance in Bali – intangible heritage – Culture Sector – UNESCO
Saman dance – intangible heritage – Culture Sector – UNESCO

Release date: May 20, 2021

Gunung Sewu UNESCO Global Geopark

Gunung-Sewu-fdc cancel 




Genung-Sewu-ss-back-scaled Genung-Sewu-ss-front-scaled 

Genung-Sewu-ss-left-scaled Genung-Sewu-ss-right-scaled

3 stamps, sheets of 15 with the 3 stamps, FDC, cancel, 1 stamp on souvenir sheet, special pack 
4 colour offset with 1 invisible ink

Gunung Sewu UNESCO Global Geopark is a classic tropical karst landscape in the south central part of Java Island well-known in the world, and dominated by limestone. The limestone is of Neogene age and consists of calcareous-tuffaceous clastic facies (Oyo and Kepek formations) as well as reef facies (Wonosari formation). Late Oligocene to Early Miocene rocks of volcanic-origin clastic, volcanic and marine sediments underlie these limestones. Quaternary river and lake deposits represent the youngest units. 

Release date: May 27, 2021


50th Anniversary Peruri Security Printers

Peruri-50-fdc cancel 




Peruri-50-front Peruri-50-left Peruri-50-back

2 stamps, sheet  of 12 with 2 stamps, FDC, packs, 2 souvenir sheets
4 colour offset with 1 invisible ink

Peruri is a State-Owned Enterprise security printing company Brief History – PERURI | Printing Money of the Republic of Indonesia

Release date: September 15, 2021


PON XX Papua

PON-XX-fdc-2 cancel 



PON-XX-fdc-2 PON-XX-fdc-1

6 stamps, sheet of 12 with all stamps, 2 FDCs, cancel
4 colour offset with 1 invisible ink

5 Facts You Need to Know about PON XX Papua 2021 – Indonesia Travel

Release date: October 2, 2021

Indication of Geographical Food Producers




2021-Geographical-Food-Products-fdc-1-1024x677 2021-Geographica-food-products-fdc-2-1024x717

6 stamps, sheet of 20 with all stamps, souvenir sheet, FDC, cancel
4 colour offset with 1 invisible ink

Release date: October 16, 2021


Endemic Ornamental Fish 

2021-Endemic-decorative-fish-fdc cancel


Endemic Ornamental Fish full sheet Indonesia 2021 


6 stamps, 1 sheet of 12 with all stamps, souvenir sheet, FDC, cancel
4 colour offset with 1 invisible ink

Release date: November 5, 2021

Tokoh & Pejuang – National Heroes

Tokoh-Pejuang-fdc-2021 cancel

 Tokoh & Pejuang - Indonesian National Heroes

Tokoh & Pejuang - Indonesian National Heroes souvenir sheet 

Tokoh & Pejuang - Indonesian National Heroes FDC

6 stamps, 1 sheet of 16 with all stamps, FDC, cancel
4 colour offset with 1 invisible ink

For more details refer to List of Indonesian national heroes – Wikipedia Indonesian, free encyclopedia

Release date: November 10, 2021

Makassar: Flora & Fauna

Makassar: Flora & Fauna Indonesia 2021 Makassar: Flora & Fauna Indonesia 2021

6 stamps on a souvenir sheet, 2 stamps on a souvenir sheet
4 colour offset with 1 invisible ink

Butterfly souvenir sheet:

This page Indonesia Endemic Butterflies Checklist (, has a checklist of endemic butterflies. 

The second souvenir sheet has a Spilocuscus Rufoniger or black-spotted cuscus Black-spotted Cuscus | Spilocuscus rufoniger ( and a kandelia candel, a member of the mangrove family. 

Release date: Originally released 2016- and 2012


Prisma: 13th Baliphex

Prisma: 13th Baliphex souvenir isheet 1 Prisma: 13th Baliphex souvenir sheet two

2 souvenir sheets with one stamp on each
4 colour offset with 1 invisible ink

The Bali Philately Exhibition is an annual show that takes place in the province of Bali.  5 special cancels were issued for the show as well as special limited edition souvenir sheets for the fair. 

Cancels to search for:

  1. Ayodya Day
  2. Mithia
  3. Dandaka day
  4. Kiskinda Day
  5. Setubanda Day

Special Baliphex issues:

  1. Seri road to #1 (issue date 21 February 2021) Road to Baliphex 2021 (5th Bali Scoutphex 2021 / Baden Powell Day)
  2. Seri Road # 2 (issue date 29 March 2021)  5th DENPHEX 2021 (Denpasar Philately Exhibition) Commemorative 99 years of Indonesian Philatelist Association
  3. Seri Road # 3 (issue date 28 August 2021) 2nd BALI AUSIPHEX 2021 (Indonesia Australia Philately Exhibition)
  4. BALIPHEX 2021 (Issue date 3 December 2021) / SPECIAL EDITION BALIPHEX 2021 (issue date 3 December 2021) Limited Edition edition Annual event 13th BALIPHEX 2021
    (From – Philately Issue)

If you attended Baliphex and managed to get any of these editions, can you drop me a line. I’d like to show the issues on this page. 

Release date: December 3-7, 2021


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