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Looking through the windows at Allen Gardens

Written by catpaw

May 08, 2018

I have a bunch of photos left over from winter shots but, in all honesty, I simply can’t stand looking at one more photo of snow and ice. They’ll have to wait until  a heat wave hits and I need a bit of relief. Instead, how about some odd shots from a trip I took to Allen Gardens in March? Ok, I didn’t actually go into the greenhouse, I lurked around the outside. The place was too crowded so I stayed outside in the sunshine.

I wandered around the grounds for awhile, taking shots of this and that, finally ending up behind the main building.  When I took the photos, I was interested in the lines and structure of the building itself. I didn’t realise I had captured the people inside until I processed the images. Some of the shots are delightful snippets of random strangers among the foliage.

Hey, look at this photo! – random photos at Allen Gardens

Each pane seems to tell a micro story.

Hide and seek

Project Carlton 0780

Man yelling at tree

Photo of people in the windows of Allen Gardens

After I looked at these, I quickly threw them up on Instagram and then wished I’d taken more.  It’s interesting that each pane tells it’s own micro story.   I’ve looked at the settings I used and think a second trip is in order.  Now that the weather has improved, I have no excuse… but I’m sure I’ll find one to justify my inertia.

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