Lurking on McCaul Street where even the graffiti is cool

Written by catpaw

May 02, 2015

Beautiful day here in Toronto. Finally a few days of sustained warmth and sunshine. I’ve been lurking down around Queen and MotorMcCaul in the downtown area. Great place to sit and enjoy the sideshow called humanity.  Canadians can’t make up their minds about what to wear. But here’s a tip – if it’s warm enough to put on shorts, then leave the mukluks and parkas at home.

 I was over at Above Ground Art Supplies at their Big Tent sale fondling the art supplies. It’s always fun. And yes, I do drool over pencils and paper stock. Didn’t pick anything up this time, seemed like an aweful lot of effort would be needed to decide what to buy. Ended up wandering along the street taking random photos of random stuff. Just finished looking at them and well, let’s just say, it’s a good thing I don’t have to pay to develop pictures.  I think for every 100 photos I take, about 3 are worth keeping.

 Anyway, I like McCaul – it’s a bit grotty at times, but Above Ground is there. So is OCAD and the AGO on the corner. Just down the road is a quick step to good cafes on Queen.  There is some fun wall art along McCaul, and some great graffiti.  Like Moter –> over there. Found this pasted on a door frame.  No idea what it’s about, but it looked poster-worthy to me.

If you go down, you can linger along the Brinks Building (60 McCaul St.) and read the Apathy Issue magazine.  Bit of a mad genius effect along the wall. Don’t forget to watch people as they walk along the wall. Some stop to look; others avert  their eyes and rush  along as if they don’t want to be caught looking at the wall.   When you finish, slide down to Queen St for a crepe and sit and have a latte in the sun. Makes up a little for the crappy winter we had. 

Apathy issue McCaul St. Toronto

 Magazine wall

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