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Macau’s 2022 stamps

Written by catpaw

November 14, 2021

The year hasn’t closed out and the list of Macau’s 2022 stamps has already been issued.   The program will kick off with the Year of the Tiger and Macau has published a preliminary scan.  2021 turned into a great year, by the way, for learning about the art, culture and history of Macau. It was a fun trip! Among the best of 2021’s stamps was the April Libraries of Macau sheet by Liao Wenchang.

Libraries of Macau

Libraries of Macau

Another favourite wasn’t actually a 2021 release, but the announcement Macau Post won an award for the 2018 Chapas Sínicas set. You can read about it here Macau’s Chapas Sínicas stamps WIN! 

Chapas Sínicas (Chinese documents) 4 stamps

2018 Chapas Sínicas

Macau’s 2022 stamp program

No dates yet. I’ll plug those in when they are announced. Here’s the program:

  • Year of the Tiger 
  • Red cotton
  • Zen Six-Hu – Hueing – the 6th patriarch of Zen Buddhism 
  • 70th anniversary of the opening of the women’s union nursery
  • 50th anniversary of the convention for the protection of the world cultural and natural heritage
  • Macau school historic building
  • Atlantic bank 120th anniversary
  • 400th anniversary of Bishop’s Hill Church
  • modern architecture II
  • Chinese classical poetry – song
  • eighteen Rohan

Familiar themes make an appearance. We can look forward to the previously mentioned Lunar New Year stamps, explorations of architectural history and dives into classic literature. It’ll be another fun year. If I can’t go in person, I can live vicariously through Macau’s stamps.

One thing I’ll be looking for is more information on the artists. If you have any links that may help, drop a comment below. 

Lunar New Year – Year of the Tiger

Here’s your teaser for the coming year. 

2022 Year of the Tiger  

When the issues start flowing, I’ll add them to this page and link it to the master 2022 World Stamps page.

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