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Macau’s Chapas Sínicas stamps WIN!

Written by catpaw

September 10, 2021

Macau’s Chapas Sínicas stamps received high honours this year from the German Design Council. Each year the GDC issue awards in a number of categories ranging from architecture to documents. It’s an fascinating competition to watch because of the diverse topics considered. The Special Award in the Official Document Category went to Macau’s beautiful 2018 stamps that highlight the incalculable historical significance of the Qing Dynasty documents. 

“Chapas Sínicas” (Chinese Documents) is a collection of records of Macao 
during the Qing Dynasty. Preserved in the National Archive of Torre do Tombo of
Portugal, the collection comprises over 3,600 documents, including official letters
written in Chinese, the Portuguese translated copies of the letters and other
miscellaneous documents that were created mainly from the mid-eighteenth century to
the mid-nineteenth century. The collection was titled “Official Records of Macao
During the Qing Dynasty (1693-1886)” in its nomination for the Memory of the
World Register ^¤å¤å³¹ (

Designer Joaquim Cheong Kuok Wai created the stamp series to honour the Chapas Sinicas documents inclusion on the UNESCO Memory of the World Register in 2017 as well as the Memory of the World Register for Asia-Pacific in 2016.  

Mind you, the material is stunning to begin with, so it’s hard to go wrong.

Macau’s Chapas Sínicas set

Chapas stamp two Chapas stamp three Macau's Chapas Sínicas Macau's Chapas Sínicas stamp four Macau's Chapas Sínicas stamp

Souvenir sheet

Macau's Chapas Sínicas (Chinese documents) souvenir sheet


The German Design jury awarded the prize to the “masterful” Chapas Sinicas design, in part, based on how Joaquim Cheong Kuok Wai “preserves and highlights the original emotions of the collection”   Chapas Sínicas – Special Mention Official Documents (

First Day Covers

Chapas fdc with souvenir sheet Macau's Chapas Sínicas Chapas fdc with 4 stamps

It is exciting to see stamps get high honours from such a broad design competition. More of this please.




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