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Microsoft’s OneDrive has a recycle bin – who knew!

Written by catpaw

February 18, 2015

I’ve been using OneDrive for quite a while now (dating back to when it was called SkyDrive) and just finally realised, it has a recycle bin. If you log into your OneDrive Account (using a browser), on the left hand side is “recycle bin”, tucked under how much space you have available.  Never realised it until, well, 5 min ago when I went in to do a bit of file purging. I was curious about how much space I had left and then spotted the garbage bin. I’m embarrased to admit there were 2305 items in the bin dating back to last spring. Not sure how much space it’s been sucking up, but, it will be substantial.  So, here’s your tip of the day – before investing in more cloud storage, check to see if there’s a trash bin waiting for you.

…. we’ll just file this under “Blazingly obvious cloud features”.

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