We had a bit of an ice storm here in Toronto. Not too serious – unlike the one in 2013. Just your typical early spring mess.  I was lucky and didn’t have to go out into it on Thurs. I had the luxury of working at home. I fall enough on clean pavement, I couldn’t stand the thought of slipping around the city on icy sidewalks.  I’ve broken my glasses, ended up in emerg getting my head stitched and hurt various muscles and limbs more than I can count. I’m either going to have to get remedial walking lessons, learn to fall or wrap myself in bubble wrap.  So, I didn’t get out to get a lot of photos during the day. The fear of falling on my face again was a bit too much.

When the weather settled into a dreary chill, I did wander out last night to try and catch a photo. My camera really isn’t good for night shots. But I did manage to get one decent one. All the trees had a fine coat of ice that looked like a halo in the street lighting. This was the only salvageable shot out of the lot. The rest were ‘meh’ and not worth keeping.

Toronto after Mar 24 2016 icestorm. Night shot

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