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November 02, 2020

Not so fast on the tripe loathing

Dear Tripe Marketing Board,

I’m sorry, I’m so deeply sorry. For years I’ve maligned tripe with a certain glee and I recently discovered… I like … tripe. Yes, I know, I know, I owe you an apology. But I’m reeling and feel profoundly disoriented. What’s next? Boiled Brussel sprouts? Do you offer a recovery package for former tripe haters? Any advice on how to recover my equilibrium? Maybe you have a tripe welcome wagon parcel for former tripe haters.

Poster of a Victorian English pub selling tripe

It’s all tripe

I’m still in shock. For years I’ve loathed tripe. I tried it in the past and, well, let’s just say it wasn’t a pleasant experience. It sat on the plate like a honey combed sheet of elastic bands, threatening me. The scars ran deep from the experience. On the weekend, a friend offered me a small bowl of tripe in a tempting sauce. I held the bowl for a few minutes, gathering courage to eat it. It looked so good. Only the adventurous experience great foods so I braced myself and slurped down the first spoonful.

The tripe was delicate and melt in the mouth tender. Flavourful and wonderful. OMG, am I really writing an ode to tripe?

So, dear Tripe Marketing Board. Am I forgiven?




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