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August 27, 2020

Ok, so I changed my mind

Quick update: Yea, the small tidy up and design tweaking has turned into a full-blown makeover. I’m redesigning each page from the ground up so you’ll see changes occur throughout the coming week. The site felt so dowdy lately. Part of it reflects my mind set shift and the other part reflects the extra time I have to consider things.


Ok, I changed my mind. After sitting down a couple weeks ago, evaluating the site, I decided it was time to make some big changes.
Change one: I’ve finally added a section about Catpaw Computer Consulting. Long overdue, but I figured it’s time to put it up. Given the difficulties so many have with Covid, I thought I’d advertise my online support. Check it out. Take a look up there ↑. A new section is now happily nested in the navigation bar.

Change two: One change always begets another. 🙄 I know, I know. I was so pleased with the new section, I kept thinking the magazine just looked … well … dowdy in comparison. It was time to shake off old thinking and start a bit of redesign.

Originally, I was going to tweak a few things on a test page to see how it looked. One thing led to another and I’m fussing in real time. Some of that is to test how the speed improves with small changes. Along the way, I’m fine tuning all the SEO details behind the scenes. It’s been fun. A bit risky, but fun. Make a mistake and see how quickly I can fix it. LOL. Keeps me of the streets.

I’m also going to bump up the subscription/donation section. To date, I’ve been very shy in promoting it. Time to get aggressive (in a nice Canadian way) about funding the magazine costs. Haven’t made a lot of changes yet, but they are coming. Since I’ve started working on some video content, I’ll be able to tie into Patreon a little better. Ah yes, I’ve taken the time to learn more about video editing and found a perfect piece of software for it. I’ll write about it later on.

SO, bear with me. Enjoy the ride and see where this all goes.



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