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October 04, 2016

New Canon camera tested on some construction equipment

I’ve aquired, through a swap in services, a nifty Canon Powershot SX130. I’ve been screwing around with it for the last 24 hrs, to the point of not getting much else done.  Best part about it is the sharp, crisp images. I love my little Acer smartphone but the camera is the weakest link. Quite frankly, Acer could have done far better. It’s ok … but you need nearly pristine conditions or the edges seem weak and at times pixelated.  So yesterday, I went out and lurked with the Canon, taking some of the same basic shots previously taken with the Acer. My,  what a difference. Stronger colours, spot on contrasts and much better definition.

To be fair, the Acer phone is exactly what it claims to be – a budget smartphone with a reasonably decent camera. I suspect you will be flooded with all sorts of photos in the coming weeks as I test the Canon. While I was flipping through the photos I took over the last day, I’ve begun to see new possibilities for digital fun – things that were impossible with the smart phone. For one thing, the Canon works with a far higher resolution, offering more to work with – double the dimensions and resolution. That’s excellent. Already I’m happier with the basic output.

The other thing that has begun to amuse me is my utter fascination with the deconstruction of the CHUM building across the road. I’ve been madly taking photos of each stage, watching it slowly disappear. Now with the better camera, I’ve been able to get some decent close ups from my balcony, looking down. Wish I could get into the site to take more photos, but I’ll have to stay on the sidelines. Whoever put the fencing up knew what they were doing and it’s rock solid. Yea, I tried… well done fencing.

Here’s one of the photos I took with the zoom. I’ve been screwing around with saturation and layers again and got a bit carried away – not the best I’ve done.  I’ll have to back up and fix it. The point of the exercise was to see how well the photo stood up to poking it with a large Adobe stick. The resolution on previous photos was never strong enough to handle a lot of adjustments. So, all in all, I’m … thrilled.

Photo of machinery at the CHUM teardown - Toronto

There’s something about the tear down that makes me think of construction as art. No idea why. But it has been haunting watching the building disappear by inches.


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