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June 09, 2016

Poster design 2 – pushing myself out of the same old rut

I’m thinking of creating a new sub-category for the Photo Log -> Art & Design or Exploring Art & Typography. Not sure yet, it depends on how frisky I get.  I’ve been looking over my attempts at design and decided to try and push myself out of the same old / same old pattern. I tend to gravitate toward textured backgrounds and deep browns way too much.  So …. here’s my second kick at the can: Bitter Gardens Magazine poster

I wanted something that has a fairly generic urban feel. The view is Yonge Street in Toronto, south facing. The CN Tower is off to the right, hidden behind the buildings.  The photo itself isn’t anything to write home about, but I liked the overall feel to it.  The previous poster was pretty good, but too derivitive of something else I’d done for a customer. Nice poster, but didn’t really push myself to learn a new technique or try a different approach. I spent the last 3 or 4 days evaluating fonts for different uses along with expanding the colour palette stored in my brain.  I had an embrassing amount of fun creating a series of retro feeling headers. It’s an interesting exercise matching fonts to colour schemes. The dreaded 1970s avocado green was the most difficult, but with the right contrasting colours to balance it, I was pleasantly surprised at how well it works.

Anyhow… I digress as usual. The scene in the photo is Yonge Street, south of Pleasant Blvd on the little cusp of a hill leading to Summerhill. It’s a bland little photo but popped alive with NIK’s Color Efex Pro filter Bleached Portrait. I didn’t tweak the filter at all, just left it as NIK made it. I like the sense of space this photo gives far more than the previous photo.

The main font is HWT Unit Gothic by the Hamilton Wood Foundation1. For the tagline and address I switched over to Adobe’s Chaperral Pro. It plays well with the tall, condensed feeling of HWT and makes the web address very readable.

Overall a nicely balanced effort. It has the urban feel I was trying for in the last try, without all the over complicated fussing. When I finish playing with the retro headers I’ll pop them up.

Read More:

1. Learn more about the Hamilton Wood Foundation at the Hamilton Wood Type & Print Museum



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