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September 21, 2017

Reflections & murals – snakes ‘n skulls in Toronto!

I often see some amazing visuals while trotting around the streets of Toronto. All too often, those are the days I’ve left my camera on my desk. Today, wasn’t one of those days. I was cutting along Adelaide on my way to Yonge and looked up to see snakes and skulls climbing up the side of a building. Or rather one big ass snake mural and a cool skull reflection: Photo of mirrored reflection on a building off Adelaide in Toronto showing a skull

See the skull reflection just above the snake?  I looked around trying to figure out how the mirror effect was created, but I’m a bit stumped. The spot is just south off Adelaide , in the courtyard behind the Staples on Yonge at 2pm. Nice little area, but I’ve never noticed the reflections before. Guess I had to be there at just the right time to spot the lurking skull. Really adds a cool dimension to the snake wall art.


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