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September 24, 2014

Remember those jokes about IOS 8 updates?

The other day I joked about what you can do while waiting for the new IOS 8 update to install. It’s no longer a laughing matter. The 8.01 update, issued to correct a problem with the huge IOS 8 update, has been killing cell service and touch ID in some iPhones.  Apple pulled the IOS 8.01 update a few hours ago. The glitch affects the iPhone 6 series, and seems to leave the earlier models untouched. 


So if you haven’t installed IOS 8 yes, wait. It’s not worth the hassles. Let Apple iron out all the issues then give it a try. But remember backup your iPhone first.

How to recover from the IOS 8.01 update

If you were one of the unlucky folks who have a none functioning iPhone you can restore it back to IOS8.  Go here and download the IPS firmware for your specific iPhone. iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus were the phones reported to have had issues. 

You’ll need to connect to iTunes and hook your phone up to the computer to get it to work.

**** NOTE: this will wipe your iPhone. That means all the photos, music, everything will be erased. ****

Your phone will be rolled back to factory settings. So, backup your photos, music, everything or you’ll lose them. They won’t be recoverable. 

1. Download the IPSW firmware

2. Open iTunes and connect your phone

3. Backup to “this computer” (it’ll be faster than backing up to the cloud)

4. Now time to restore 

    – on Windows, hold the shift key down and tap RESTORE ->choose the IPSW you downloaded

   – on Mac, hold the OPTION key and tap RESTORE -> choose the IPSW you downloaded

5. Follow the  onscreen instructions.

6. Here’s the hard part – WAIT until the restore is completed. Once done, your phone will be back to factory settings.

7. Now chose the Restore backup option to reload all your photos, apps, etc. It will take time, depending on how much you had on your phone, so get a cup of coffee, pull out a book and relax. You can’t speed the process up.

When it’s done, you will be back to IOS 8.



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