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June 22, 2015

Rethinking basic webdesign

Ok, I’ve been taking a course on web design, down at George Brown College. Found myself re-evaluating the overall design of this site and how I approach webpages. Yes, I do some web design, but found myself on a plateau. I needed a new approach and to update my knowledge – things are never static on the internet. So, I signed up for the starter course. Although I was already up on the basics, the course was an eye opener. The approach to setting up a site pretty much streamlined my thinking.

As a result, I’ve begun to rethink this design. I won’t be doing anything for a long while – Joomla isn’t as straight forward as pulling up a new CSS sheet and linking to it. I’m taking another course in July, the advanced design course and hopefully, in the fall, another that will let me do Joomla designs without all the agony associated with looking through the mountain of files behind the scenes.

Which brings me to a small problem. I tend to be an all over nothing kind of person when it comes to certain tasks. I sat down Saturday night to do some updating and found myself sidetracked with a few ideas I picked up in the last class. The recommended text book has been fascinating! Instead of updating this site, if found myself tearing apart a previous site I’d designed and restructuring it, using a more streamlined approach. I also began to rethink the graphic designs and layout of this site. I spent most of the evening poking the design with a big stick to see what else I could do with it. For now I’ll keep the design, but hopefully in the new year, I’ll have a fresh, not out of the box, design. Sounds good.

I would have worked into the wee hours of the morning, but we had a bit of a flood @midnight. Yup, 20th floor and we had a waterfall in the bathroom. The apartment above suffered a broken pipe. Bad, yes. Made worse because the fellow upstairs wasn’t home so the water flooded his apartment. When it had no where left to go, it came pouring down the vents. First the bathroom – buckets of water. And within 20 min the water came streaming down the vents in both our bedrooms. What a mess. We were lucky – we caught it on time so no damage, just lots of wet towels and rugs. I shudder to think of how bad the damage was upstairs. He must have been awash in water.

Although the actual flood of water was halted within 30 min of my spotting it, the water was so deep, it kept dripping for hours. We’re dry now – just that horrid smell of damp drywall. I heard them upstairs today banging and hammering. I suspect the drywall is being pulled up there. Won’t have a lot of choice. So, that’s my excuse for not doing anything, and I’m sticking to it, lame though it may be.


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