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Revisiting a few memorable 2013 Christmas photos

Written by catpaw

December 17, 2020

It’s time to revisit a few favourite Christmas photos. I took these during the incredible ice storm in 2013 that knocked out power for days across Ontario and Quebec. Well, except my little stretch of heaven. Turns out we’re right on a major power grid so we were safe. Lucky that. We did spend a scary night listening to sheets of ice sheer off the side of the building and crash to the ground. Anyone caught under one of the massive sheets would have been sliced in two.

The aftermath was magical though. I’m still amazed, 7 years later. So far it looks like we’ll be having a green(ish) Christmas this year. Bit mild, not much snow. Suits me fine. It fits the overall Grinchy mood of 2020.

In 2013, I went out to take a few pictures with my smart phone that morning, despite being terrified of falling on my back. Once down, I’d never get back up. It was worth the risk.

Christmas Photos 2013

A photo of iced up crab apples after the 2013 ice storm - Christmas Photos

Sugar Plums anyone?

The word dramatic comes to mind. The ice made the crab apples translucent. You can see the core shining through. When I looked at them, I was taken with the idea they were sugar plums. Now that notion is firmly stuck in my head and that’s all I can think of when I look a the photos.

Iced over tree from the 2013 ice storm

It really did look magical

The effect was jaw dropping. I’ve been through several ice storms, but this one was different. It froze everything almost instantly.  I wanted to wander around the neighbourhood taking more photos, but everything was covered in ice, not just the trees. After a few more shots, I slid my way home.

Frozen leaf from 2013 ice storm

Everything was insta frozen

When I was preparing to go out, Mom asked me if I had a death wish. She stood on the balcony and watched as I teetered across the icy road. I remember her shouting across to me that if I fell on my ass, I’d be there until spring thaw. Ah, but the photos were worth the risk.

That was a good Christmas. We were safe and warm in our apartment. We exchanged little gifts, listened to Mom’s favourite Christmas tunes and chatted about the ice storm, dinner and whatever wandered into our consciousness. Yea, it was a good Christmas. Merry Christmas Mom.  Miss hearing you sing along with Dean this year.  Miss you.

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