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May 19, 2015

Ruminations on a chilly spring day

I’m sitting downtown Toronto, waiting on my nightclass. I leave hideously early now, hours before I need to be here. You can thank the TTC for that. I’ve been trapped underground or caught out on the other side of the city far too often. And quite frankly, I don’t like the thoughts of having to shuttle bus it downtown ever again. Ever been on a rush hour shuttle bus? A sardine tin would be far more pleasant.  Think “only when hell freezes over”.  

Oh, the nightclass, yea, I forgot to tell you about that. I signed up for a course at George Brown on webdesign. I can hear you already “but Catpaw, you already do some design”. Ah, my little Bitter Grounds groupies (all 2 of you), there’s a difference between muddling through and doing it correctly. After years of poking designs with a big stick, I decided it was time to learn how to do it correctly.  Some of my techniques are very outdated, and web design  is much more complicated than when I began, back in the days before nifty tables and CSS. I also just want to do the design right the first time, rather than running it through a validator and going back to correct the page.

In the first class alone I learned 3 things.  Actually, 3 things I should have been aware of, but never spent time learning. It’s good to have a boot in the brain pan occassionally.

 On the weekend, I spent a lot of time changing all my passwords. Yes, every single one of them.  I change them up quite often, but my main email account has been hammered by attempts to break in. On Friday alone, I counted over 20 log in attempts. So, I thought, time to change things up. Every account I own now has a shiny new password – all random, nonsensical.  Major pain in the ass because I’ve already forgotten my bank password 3 times and had to reset it. Which also led me to get a good encyrpted password keeper. I can at least stop the embarassment of forgetting the 20 odd passwords.

Well, I’ve finished my thoroughly wretched dinner (going to have to remember to pack a lunch from now on) and off to find a decent latte. Catch you later.


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