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Sneak peek at Canada’s 2022 stamp program

Written by catpaw

September 07, 2021

Canada’s 2022 stamp program offers a few teasers for the coming year. The usual holiday events will be covered as well as a number of reoccurring thematics. Highlights for the year will be:

  • Black History month
  • singers
  • spring flowers
  • endangered animals
  • Canadians in flight
  • Aboriginal leaders
  • a very special hockey anniversary

One big disappointment is the lack of anything for the Lunar New Year.  2021’s stamp was actually a sheet of all twelve from the completed 12 year cycle. I guess Canada Post feels the theme has run it’s course, but 2022 will be the Year of the Tiger and well, cats. What more can I say?  

Black History Month

2022 will start with the annual Black History stamp. Some of the most interesting Canadian stamp designs are coming out of this series.

Jazz singer Eleanor Collins, Canada’s “first lady of jazz” will be featured.  Get a start on learning about her here Eleanor Collins | The Canadian Encyclopedia. Collins intersects with the 2021 Amber Valley set. Her parents were among the 1000 black immigrants who moved from Oklahoma to Amber Valley around 1905 (see Canada Post’s 2021 Black History month issues – Amber Valley | Bitter Grounds Magazine).  I hope the designer of the Amber Valley set, Lara Minja of Lime Design, will have a hand in this year’s stamp. 

Another influential voice will have her day. Later in the year Salome Bey, Canada’s First Lady of the Blues, will be featured. Her death last year left a huge hole in hearts of blues lovers. Bey was one of the first blues singers I was exposed to in my younger days, so I’m looking forward to this one. 

Spring has sprung

Spring brings a mixed lot from flowers to foot guards.  It’ll be a busy time for collectors, as usual. You know spring is here when Canada Post’s flower stamps hit the stores. This year they’ll be callas. 

The Governor General’s Foot Guard will be 100 in 2022 and there will have their very own stamp. And we can expect the 4th in the Canadians in Flight series. Hard to say who’ll be featured this time around. 

Also sometime in the spring, Canada Post will release a stamp encouraging Canadians to donate organs and tissues. I’m betting this one will be a semi-postal.

CAPEX 22 will be held in Toronto June 19-22, and a souvenir sheet will be issued for the event. Thankfully it’ll be held in a place that is easy to get to for public transit users. The show will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, just a short walk from Union Station. 

Random vintage stuff

We can also expect vintage carousels and 5 stamps featuring vintage travel posters from across Canada. These will be pure fun. 

Tribute to Indigenous leaders

2022 will recognize Indigenous leaders with 3 stamps. No word on who will be featured. 

Another in the long, long list of overdue tributes will Tommy Prince of the Brokenhead Ojibway Nation. His stamp will be released for Remembrance Day,  

Wildlife at risk  

Canada is a good bet for wildlife stamps each year. 2021’s Snow Mammals proved to be so popular, Canada Post re-issued them. 2022 will be endangered whales. Canada has produced a number of great whale stamps over the years, starting with the 1979 .35c Bowhead. It’ll be hard to top the 2010 $10 Blue Whale. Jorge Peral’s engraving made this a king of stamps. 

Has it really been 50 years? 

Now the stamp many will be waiting for – the 50th anniversary of the 1972 Canada-Russia Hockey Summit. This is a set you’ll have to grab early or you’ll miss your chance. It is one of those “where were you” moments in Canadian history. Given the near mythical status the series has in Canada, it will sell out quickly.  I’d recommend pre-ordering online. 


You can look forward to the traditional Diwali, Hanukkah and Christmas stamps to round out the year. 

As 2021 wraps up, I’ll be running a poll to find the most popular Canadian stamp for the year. Take a look at all the issues from 2021 and check back in Dec vote.

Cheers for now.



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