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February 08, 2018

Snow in the morning – a trip through the Annex

I lugged my camera with me this morning as I tromped through the Annex on the way to a job.

Photo of a snowy day in the Toronto Annex

I usually don’t take it with me on snowy days. I’m a cold wimp and don’t like to linger in the chill, but something about today made me decide to “be a Canadian” and embrace the cold.

That didn’t last long, I really, really hate the cold, and scurried off to the great indoors after taking a few shots. That’s twice this week I’ve been uncharacteristically willing to deal with the cold. Yesterday it was a trip to Harbourfront where I froze my tail feathers off taking photos of ice, ducks and architecture.  Out of the two trips, I think I managed 5 or 6 worthy photographs.

Photo of a snow covered garage

I really love the second photo. It was stunning in the snow. I played around with a few settings, shivered a bit, muttered about winter and then went off to work. I’m pleased with these because they are the first snowy day photos I’ve taken that didn’t come out washed out and bland. I’ve been watching a number of photographers on Youtube to learn how to take shots like these. The trick is to slow down, frame the shot, and then take a test photo. I looked at the first shot, adjusted a few settings and snap! More snow is in the forcast, so I’ll hike out on Sunday to try my hand again.

I’ll  post yesterday’s photographs in the next couple of days, which includes a great shot of long-tailed ducks (yes, there is such a thing). Don’t forget to follow on FB, Twitter, Flipboard or Instagram.  Links to the right ->


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