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Special CAPEX 22 souvenir sheets from Canada Post

Written by catpaw

June 11, 2022

Three CAPEX 22 souvenir sheets were issued by Canada Post for the June exhibition. For me, the third one is the real winner. I knew the  2021 Bluenose and 2022 Calla sheets were going to be issued with the CAPEX logo overprint.

CAPEX 22 bluenose sheet 

CAPEX 22 Calla sheet

What a pleasant surprise to see the new Vintage Travel Posters make an appearance. The set was released June 9, 2022, opening day for CAPEX 22. 

CAPEX 2022 Vintage Travel posters sheet

I think this set, by Paprika Design, is going to be the best of the 2022 program. Mind you, it’s hard to go mess up  classic CP Rail travel posters from the 30s. They are works of art in themselves. If you’d like to see the entire series, check them out here Sneak peek at Canada’s 2022 stamp program. Skip down to the Vintage Posters for interesting details about the posters.

Catch all of the 2022 stamps from Canada.  

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