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May 08, 2018

Spring cleaning the website

Just indulged in a complete overhaul of the site. Still a ton of work to do. I debated about how long to keep the site off line and decided I’d get the bulk of the work done, put it back on line and then finish up editing the old content live. I’m also madly setting up a couple hundred 404 redirects because I also restructured the website. I had to get rid of all sorts of legacy categories and references that dated back 4 or 5 years and caused an immense amount of confusion.

What’s gone|changed?

  • All remnants of the old “they asked what?” have been removed. Content is being redirected to Memoirs.  A few have been deleted because link backs are no longer working, I’ll work on a 404 page explaining it later. Not too many hits on a few of the pages, so no urgency.
  • Streamlined the photo category to purge old references to outdated ideas/software
  • Sorted the tech section. More content is where it belongs, in the tech | software area. Also relabeled to reflect the content better.
  • Deleted old articles dealing with very outdated tech, software.
  • Deleted very old content from early days when I was still casting around for a focus. The content was ok, just no longer fits the magazine format.  I’ll keep the articles, just for nostalgia and might periodically dig deep and repost them as a retrospective look at the changes
  • installed a plugin so my Instagram feed now runs on the photo section
  • preparing the Mapping TO page, link isn’t active yet. Will be in about a month (June 2018)
  • The biggy – completely changed to look of the site. Finally able to breath a new life into the format so it has a more magazine feel and flows much better.

A lot of the changes were made to make it easier to create content. I was tired of struggling with Joomla. I loved the software, but had grown increasingly tense everytime an update came through. I test things offline and was concerned about how often an update blew away my child theme (not supposed to, but the updates often did) or created a pig’s breakfast of a mess with the database.  Many thanks to Corey for his tip off re: Divi themes for WordPress. Has completely changed the way I’m working behind the scenes.

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