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July 14, 2015

St Mike’s Rectory in Toronto – funky heads

Toronto is an interesting city to play tourist in.  Lots of great sites, fun place to see and tons of great food. One of the best things to do is poke around different neigbourhoods looking at the architecture. Toronto can be a real mishmash of styles. 

St. Mike’s Cathederal in the downtown area, has a few hidden gems if you wander around the grounds. Stroll around the corner to the rectory and you’ll see these two dour souls protecting the entrance:


Funky Heads @ St. Mike's Rectory Toronto

Funky Heads @ St. Mike's Rectory Toronto I call them Pickle Pusses 1 & 2. Very dour. They sit on either side of the entrance to the rectory, kind of serving as an “Abandon Hope” welcome. I finally found out who they were. Pickle Puss on the left is King Edwin of Northumbria and Pickle Puss two is Paulinus the first bishop of York.  The architect, William Thomas, was big on gothic revival and you can find his work all over Toronto, including St. Lawrence Market and a number of churches.

I periodically wander up past the cathedral and stop in to vew the “boys” and sure enough, everytime I look at Paulinus, I break out into giggles for some reason. Lovely building, but he just slays me.

So if you find yourself wandering around Toronto, don’t forget to look up.  Some of the best sights are just above eye level.


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