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May 27, 2018

Still learning the basics of photography – streets of Toronto

I was wandering around the Queen | University area the other day and was struck by the sheer number of people everywhere.  I hung out on the corner of University and Queen Street for about 30 min doing nothing but snapping crowd shots.

University and Queen Street

University and Queen Street


University and Queen Street

University and Queen Street

By the time I got to Union Station, the volume of pedestrians was tiring. I don’t come down at rush hour very often because of the press of humanity, but once in awhile, it’s fun to people watch.

Photo of crowds of pedestrians at Union Station

Union Station

I wasn’t paying enough attention to the settings so not a lot of the photos were crisp enough for my tastes. They’ll do, but other photos I took that day  (not posted yet) were studies of specific scenes, rather than street vistas and came out wonderfully sharp with a good colour balance. 

I set out to keep the photos at around 24mm  to test what type of lens I should consider for my first prime lens. I spent a day doing nothing but taking 50mm another 35 etc. So far, the 24mm seems to float my boat the most.  I’m leaning towards the Canon EF-S 24MM F2.8 STM lens. I like long, full shots that pick up lots of details. I’m not a huge fan of bokeh and prefer seeing details happening in the scene, so I think the 24mm might be what I’m looking for. However, I really  need to work harder on the mechanics of photography before I get to that point.

So … it’s time to return to lessons and read up on strengthening clarity and sharpness. Even the best lens in the world is a waste of money if I can’t get the basics down. 


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