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October 05, 2015

Stumbling through the day w/ as much dignity as possible

I hate days that start with a flury of emails from customers who crawled out of the wrong side bed. Tends to throw my sense of balance off. I have a policy of not looking at my email until I’m showered, dressed and had some time to pull myself together. I slipped today. I was lying in bed, wondering why I set the alarm to go earlier than needed (misplaced optimism that I’d relax over an latte before heading out… yea, that worked). My phone was vibrating like made with emails coming in. In a moment of utter insanity, I reached over and took a look.

Wrong … wrong …. wrong… 


Not sure why some people think eveything is a crisis. Ok, you couldn’t download your email at 3am. I understand that. But sending me dozens of emails bitching and complaining about this isn’t really going to put me in a frame of mind that will look kindly upon the issue. Especially when you take into consideration, he was sending me emails via their browser. So that tells me a couple of things:

– he had access to email

– he could send and receive said email 

– he stated  it’s only the mail program that glitched and he could send/receive  vai the browser

– he was venting

– he was being unreasonable expecting me to respond to the “crisis” at 3 am.

Now, granted, I’m often up and rattling around at 3am, I go through fits where I don’t sleep much. But I’m not going to respond to a non crisis email that starts with “You need to get over here and fix this fucking problem”. Nope, I don’t think so. I don’t need anyone’s business that badly.

I guess that’s what got under my skin. The lack of perspective from this customer. So, in my best passive aggressive persona, I sent a terse “I’m not available at 3am for anyone but my mother and even then that can be risky, I’ll contact you after I’ve had my latte and you read the emails you sent me and figure out why I’m unwilling to drop everything for you”.  I do passive aggressive exceptionally well when I’m in the mood. I suspected the issue would self resolve without my intervention but I wanted him to stew.  Yes, that was petty. I’m quite happy being petty when the occasion demands.

So, I went on with my day of small jobs and errands for customers. Cables for one customer and a portable radio for another. One of my favourite customers (and friends) dropped and broke her beloved little Sony radio on the weekend so I purchased a new one and dropped it off. Who knew you could still find little portable am/fm radios! Tells you how long it’s been since I listened to radio – a shocking statement coming from someone who spent 10 years working in the industry. However, she was thrilled – Thank you Sony for not changing the model.

I got around to Mr Snarkalot just a little bit ago. There was a grovelling letter in my inbox. And again yes, I am petty enough to enjoy such letters. I’ll leave it at that. The issue is done and nothing more needs to be said. So the day has improved. 


… oh and the problem resolved itself.


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