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Feb 24, 2021

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How to support my work

I’ve added several ways to support my work here at Bitter Grounds Magazine.  Check below for details.  It takes a lot of time and effort to pull together weekly articles and I’d like to devote of it to research. More research = better articles.  This site is a labour of love. It reflects my interests and how my brain processes the world around it. I’ve had many incarnations of this site, starting with a modest one-page blog back in the late nineties. It’s always been fun. About a year ago, I decided to make the site more personal, a stronger reflection on what I love to do – write, laugh, read about every topic I can get my hands on. I also avoid politics as much as possible. In these insane times, we all need an escape, and this site represents it.

You will have noticed I’m running ads as well. Eventually, they’ll settle into fewer intrusions, as I figure out best placement etc. But they help pay a few smaller bills so, forgive them. If donations and subscriptions reach a point where I no longer need ads, they’ll be gone in a blink.

I encourage you to check out PayPal and Patreon below. I am rethinking my Patreon perks and would welcome any input. What would you like to see as a Patreon subscriber?

Support Bitter Grounds Magazine by becoming a patron.

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Single donations mean:

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Donations of $20 or more get you access to free Backgrounds when they are posted.

Patreon support means: 

An automatic mention on my Donors page!

–  sneak peak at any work in progress

–  you can help pick the next feature art or article


Become a  category patron!

– access to Activity Feed & behind the scenes discussions. Help pick the next project

– download high-res wallpaper & photos (starting Christmas 2017)

–  support a category & your name will appear on the section

More rewards to come.

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