Laid low by a virus and a Christmas village on the go

Wow was that a bad ass virus! We were laid low by one of the great unknown viruses that lurk in the winter months. No idea what it was but after 12 hrs of chills, headaches, vomiting and er .. you know – I’m happy to be upright and feeling human. How bad was it? It was nearly a week before I could stand the smell of coffee let alone drink it.

I kept sitting the computer, promising “today I’ll get some work done” but ended up staring at the screen and achieving bugger all. Felt like I’d gone on a shopping binge at the Big Box of Lethargy Supermarket. It was  easier to watch old movies on YouTube than write. Here I am  … again, staring at a back log of articles that need to be written.  Some articles will have to wait while I build a little stone wall for our Christmas village display.  What’s that you ask? I’m a master of work avoidance, if nothing else so I’ve decided our little woodcutter’s hut needs an old stone wall around the property.  I might make a few paths for the singers standing around the village centre tree as well.

I’m using air dry modelling clay and  have started the curved section. I haven’t gotten around to figuring out how to paint it, but I have enough art supplies stuffed into the closet, that I’m sure I’ll find something to use. Right now I’m letting the first section dry to see how it looks. If I like it, I’ll pull out the sculpting tools and go at it tonight.  I’ll take a photo of our village and post it when I get the wall erected.  It’s going to take hours to build – it’s so teeny tiny.