Win10 app review – Fedora  newsreader …. but will it ever synch?

Win10 app review – Fedora newsreader …. but will it ever synch?

Fedora News readerFedora –  Newsreader  

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Works on: Win desktop/ Surface / Windows tablet / Windows phone

I found Fedora Newsreader by accident not long ago. I’m always poking around looking for something to play with.  I stopped and checked the app out because … well … I’ve worn a Fedora for years and thought it was a cool name for a news app, let’s try it.

Ever since my favourite news reader went the way of the dodo, I’ve been scouting for a new go-to app. I like Lead Story, and use it for exactly that – top trending stories. I wanted a more substantial app that allowed me to throw my considerable RSS list onto and pull the many news sources into one location. I have a number of apps set up for specific work related focuses and wanted to keep them clutter free, but still need a “one ring to rule them all” kind of news feed as an all purpose bucket dump for everything else.

Problem is, most readers I’ve tried are down right ugly.  Fedora was described as minimalist, and that’s pretty much an accurate description. It’s a tiny program, at under 4 mgs, so even on a space deprived smart phone (like mine is at the moment), you can squeeze it in:

Fedora News Reader Simple interface, easy to figure out and no unnecessary add-ons to slow the app down. Fedora worked on all my devices – Windows phone, Surface tablet (running 8.1RT) and my Win 10 laptop without any issues.  It was easy to add RSS feeds and the preloaded choices are extensive.

Fedora allows users to share any article directly from the app. Depending on what you have installed, you can send to Fedora News Reader for Win10 tool menuemail, reading list, messaging, Twitter, Facebook and Flipboard etc with little effort. Nice little feature that’s cropping up more and more with Win10 apps.

According to the app’s store page, Fedora should synch between devices. It did in a half assed fashion. When I initially set the app up on my devices, nothing synched.  Nothing I tried worked, so in frustration I gave up. About an hour later, I returned to find everything was synched. And that was the last time I achieved synch happiness.  I have never managed to get the read articles to synch, which is a mild irritation. However, the big issue I have is it won’t consistently reflect new changes made to feeds. If I remove or add any, some might show up in a couple of hours, but not all of them.  The inconsistency is infuriating so if you use the app, it’s best to ignore this feature and muddle along.

The font is a bit weedy looking and not the best choice for online viewing. It looks nice, but after awhile, it’s a little hard to read if you have any vision issues. It would be nice to have the option to increase the font weight a bit.

Fedora News Reader for Win10

Otherwise, a decent app which is light, fast and easy to use.  Lots of built-in feeds to pick if you don’t have a lot of RSS hanging about.  Worth downloading.  Just don’t get your hopes up about synching. If it works, don’t think about it, just enjoy it while you can.

No More Voicemail – the latest app to promote obnoxious net behaviour

Icon for app No More Messages I’ve been reading, with a certain wry amusement, a number of sites praising the development of No More Voicemail, an app that sends phone calls to an endless ring tone.

The app is pretty basic. Install the app on your phone and after certain number of rings the caller is forwarded to a number that doesn’t pick up. That’s right, no messages. It will ring until you decide to pick up or the person on the other end hangs up. I’ve been reading articles that claim it will force people to give up and send a text message instead. I have no problem with someone who doesn’t want to use voice mail and turns it off, but this notion that everyone has a cell phone, can text or wants to, is obnoxious.

What’s my beef? Well let’s start with the entire passive aggressive FU tone of this app.

If you don’t want messages, setup your service to warn people. It’s fine not to want voice mail, as I said, but don’t leave people hanging, tell them how to contact you.  No More Voicemail pretty much plays silly buggers with friends and customers by sending them to no pick up hell. Talking to people isn’t archaic, nor is using voice mail.

Second big irritant? Not everyone can text. Guess what? There are people with visual impairments who struggle with seeing the screen on a phone. There are people with mobility issues and find texting difficult. There are people who simply don’t text because it’s not easy for them. I can count, off the top of my head, at least 10 of my customers who would be stranded if people stopped using voice mail. Yes they can send email, but it’s not always convenient.

Their slogan is “Because texting is faster”. No, it isn’t. It takes no time to leave a phone message. It takes very little of my time to check my messages. It takes just as much time to compose a text message. For some of us, it takes more time. I use texting, but loath the tiny keyboard that causes so many embarrassing typos, so I usually wait until I can fire up Viber on my tablet.

Third issue? This is directly from their site:

“No More Voicemail helps you stop your voicemail box from becoming full, and from needing to check or return messages at all, by sending your unanswered phone calls to endless ringing.”

Love that bit about no need to return messages at all. Um, there is a need. It’s called being an adult and using good etiquette. Yea, voice mail can be annoying – I’m notorious for my phone aversion and complete loathing of voice mail, but it serves a purpose. An important purpose. I have texting, voicemail and email available for my customers and friends. They choose which method is easiest for them to use. I have 2 friends who simply can’t text – it’s not possible for them. So, this brings me back to my previous passive aggressive comment. Installing an app like this would be tantamount to thumbing my nose at them, telling them I don’t give a rat’s ass about their inability to use texting. It’s one thing for a person to do this on their private phone. It’s up to their friends to straighten them out. But if you are a business, then shame on you. If you find it sooo difficult to pick up your phone, or heaven’s above, configure your service to send voice messages to text, then you need a boot up the back side and a priority check.

The entire attitude behind the app and it’s slogan is arrogant, faux cutting edge. Pick up your damn messages, the person who left it may not be able to text.

Rant done….