Tales from the tech support desk

Weird ass kind of day. Frustrating and … yea just weird. One of those days that requires a lot of lateral thinking. Started with an iPhone 6 caught in an update loop. When I finally halted the rebooting, and got it to the restore phase, I though “cool, half way home”. Then the looping started over. Tried a full reset, stuck on the Apple icon. Finally did a few tricks, and got the phone to do a factory reset, and it also installed the latest updates. Almost did a happy dance, when the HOLA screen popped up. It took 40 min to get to that stage.

And then the other shoe dropped …

…. It wouldn’t allow the phone to be authenticated. For some reason the phone wanted an email address that had been purged from the system 2 years ago. This phone didn’t even use the address. There’s a dent in my forehead from banging it on the keyboard. Called Apple and, I have to say, their tech support was able to fix the issue. It took the two of us about 40 more minutes to get around this nasty little issue, along with a few others that cropped up – fix one issue and another popped up. But, everything was working when I left.

After that looked at an older desktop, still running Vista (which rates right up there with Windows ME for nightmare service calls). It’s run it’s course and simply time to be replaced. Beeps randomly on boot so I couldn’t pin down the error, but it’s freezing and not responding a lot. Customer will replace it. Not worth repairing. It still works, but it’s getting increasingly erratic.

From there I went to a DOA desktop and a Win 10 machine stuck in a boot loop as well. The dead machine was a bit of a shame – POST errors indicating hardware failure. New machine will be needed, and this one isn’t that old.

The other machine was fixed with what I call the “Woodpecker Approach”. Shut the machine off, pull the power plug and wait 10 seconds. Put plug back in, turn machine in and start tapping F8 like crazy. Just keep tapping, tapping, tapping until it boots the system. For some reason, it works. Theoretically it’s supposed to pop the system into safe mode, but it just seems to by pass whatever the issue is and boots normally.

So 2 out of 2. Had better days.