Remember when I praised Bing maps? Not so fast

Back in July, I wrote an article about Bing maps and how improved they are. I’m going to hit rewind on that and ask Microsoft wtf?

I’ve been dizzied by an array of errors that keep popping up since the release of Windows 10. Not sure if there is a correlation, but holy hand baskets they’ve been loopy. Here’s one example from last weekend:

Screen capture of Bing map error

I typed this in a couple of times, just to make sure I didn’t mistype. Then I tried a few variations and sure enough, Bing kept directing my search for a Toronto location to NSW Australia.   I finally gave up and flipped over to Google Maps.  Shortly after that I amused myself by checking out my neigbourhood and what do you know, 22 incorrect listings in a 5 block radius. That included businesses that never existed or have been gone for years. They weren’t there in July.

Today Toronto seems to be back in Canada where it belongs, but my neigbourhood is a bizarre potpourri of incorrect info. Some have been corrected, like the nonexistant pub they had sitting on a curb, but the restaurant that is 4 blocks north and shoe store that closed over 5 years ago, among other errors, are still front and centre. I’ll keep you posted on any improvements, in the meantime, enjoy the utter silliness of Bing booboos.