Yellow daisies & face planting on cement

Yellow daisies & face planting on cement

If you’re wandering around Toronto and see someone fall out of a garden or over a fence, that would be me. I periodically become so fixated on a specific shot, I forget about the small fact that I’m not the most nimble person in the world. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve face planted over the years.  It’s a bit embarrassing. But not enough to stop me.

Case in point:

Yellow daisies @ St Clair Subway

Lovely, n’est pas? I took this in the summer of 2014, outside the St Clair subway station. I thought the shot would be wonderful – bright yellow flowers against the red brick. And I was right. There was a wee bit of a problem thought. The flowers were surrounded by a chain link fence.  I ducked under it, got my shots and like a clot tripped coming out of the garden, straight down. It was one of those classic nano oops moments. A nanosecond before I fell, my brain said “oh this isn’t smart” and down I went.  Hit the pavement so hard I cut my knee open and bruised the whole left side of my hand.  Luckily enough some very nice construction workers dodged across the road to help me. I spend a lot of time looking up at concerned young men asking “are you all right ma’am?”  I usually am. But this time I really cut my knee open. That was two year ago and I still have a noticeable scar.

But fab photos! I could have gotten decent ones without climbing over the chain. Believe it or not, I had plunged in trying to get the yellow bee on the yellow daisies.

Yellow daisies @ St Clair Subway with beeAt least I managed to get it before embarrassing myself publicly. Over this past Christmas (2015) I pulled the photos up and pottered around with Photoshop to create this:

Yellow daisies @ St Clair Subway photoshop filters

I used a couple of filters, but mostly the fresco one to create the effect. Came out better than I had hoped. I used it as my background for a long time.

Just think of how much carnage I could cause to myself if I had a DSL camera and a macro lens.