Wow I needed this – awesome Urban Geographer art

A friend sent a link to a couple amazing Toronto subway exit maps and after looking at them, I have the urge to stand on my balcony throwing the maps to everyone in the neighbourhood.  What are exit maps and why am I excited? Graphic artist Daniel Rotsztein, the Urban Geographer, has created 2 info maps (see link below) showing which TTC car is closest to exits for each stop.  Why does it matter? Anyone who’s spent time waiting on an insanely cold or hot Toronto subway platform will understand immediately.   As well, anyone desperate to beat the mad crush of people heading to the stairs at the same time will appreciate a bit of an edge in hitting the exit quickly. 

Lines 1 & 2 are available, showing each stop and which car to hop on. Head on over to his website and snag them. I’m saving the pdf on my smart phone for future references. 

You can find the maps on his website  here

and don’t forget to check out the rest of his art and his Instagram account     You won’t be disappointed.

FYI: TTC stands for Toronto Transit Commission