Celebrate Christmas 2020 with delightful Maud Lewis stamps

Celebrate Christmas 2020 with delightful Maud Lewis stamps

Beloved Nova Scotia folk artist Maud Lewis graces 3 Christmas stamps for 2020.  Canada Post unveiled them with the cooperation of the Art Museum of Nova Scotia, who are proud curators of her works.  Three stamps, a FDC and a lovely souvenir sheet are now available.

Christmas 2020 Maud Lewis stamp - domestic stamp

Domestic Use

2020 Canadian Christmas stamp - Maud Lewis stamp

US Deliver

International stamp with Maud Lewis' horses pulling sled in winter

International Mail

“As long as I’ve got a brush in front of me, I’m alright” Maud Lewis

Maude Lewis painted on anything available, cardboard, wood planks, drywall, pots, and every inch of the one room home she shared with her husband Everett. The entire house became her canvas, a wonderful, colourful canvas filled with vibrant images and life. Despite living in a one room home with no electricity or running water, Maud managed to create a memorable visual archive of rural life in Nova Scotia. Her works hang in galleries around the world and is in demand.

Photo of outside of Maud Lewis' home, showing it covered in whimsical vines and flowers

Maud Lewis’ home is now part a permanent exhibit at the Art Museum of Nova Scotia

Inside of Maud Lewis' home showing it covered in her art

Inside Maud’s one room home. After she and her husband died, the house was moved to the museum to preserve it.

If you are unfamiliar with Maud Lewis, start with this short NFB documentary on her. It offers a thumbnail sketch of Lewis and her art. Then head over to the Art Museum of Nova Scotia to read her biography.

2020 Maud Lewis Stamps

Along with the three stamps, Canada Post has issued a FDC and souvenir sheet. My favourite part of the s/s is Maud’s wonderfully fluffy and wide-eyed cats. Canada Post needs to do a series with just her cats.

Souvenir sheet of Maud Lewis stamps showing all three issues and her black cats

Maud Lewis’ cats were the best.

The First Day Cover includes the full souvenir sheet and a special cancel displaying two deer, also taken from Maud’s paintings.

Souvenir sheet of Maud Lewis stamps showing all three issues and her black cats

First day cover .. you can’t beat those cats

Hélène L’Heureux, graphic designer

Hélène L’Heureux designed these delightful Maud Lewis stamps, and I have to say, I’m so happy she included the whimsical little cats on the souvenir sheet. L’Heureux also designed the 2012 gingerbread cookie Christmas stamps and the magnificent Yosuf Karsh series in 2008, to name just a few of her works. I list her designs as my favourites when I think of modern Canadian stamps. Check out Wiki for a list of her Canada Post designs.

All the stamps, FDC and souvenir sheets are on sale now at most Canada Post outlets. If they aren’t available, you can buy them online at Canada Post. If you know any stamp collectors, or folk-art fans, this might be the perfect Christmas present for them.