Bring Win 10 menu to your Surface RT

If you are running Surface RT and really want the new Win 10 – well you are in luck … sort of. Microsoft has issued an update to the venerable RT that allows users to change for the Win 8 Metro screen to a new Win 10 start screen.

To install the update, go to Windows Updates -> View Details. Tick optional update KB3033055 and install. Once installed, you’ll need to reboot your computer.  You will receive a notice that the Start Screen is back, or something like that.  To initialise the new menu and get rid of the 8 start screen right click on the Task Bar ->Properties->Start Menu. Tick “Use the Start Menu instead of the Start Screen” and tap Apply and OK. You’ll be prompted to sign out and back in again. DONE. You now have a Win 10 style menu and no more start screen.

You can tweak and adjust the screen to suit your tastes, including colour and tiles. Good news for those of us who missed it, the shut down button is back (top of the screen) as is the pinned menu items. You also get the search bar back where it belongs.

The slide out menu will be pretty empty so you’ll have to go in and pin your apps to the menu. Just go to All Apps and right click ->pin to Start Menu. Resize your icons the same way as before and rearrange them to suit your work needs. If you want to move an icon to the Start List, just drag and drop it over to the left of the menu and it will pin itself there.

It doesn’t take long and well worth the install.