Went down to TIFF for people photos & ended up w/ architecture

Went down to TIFF for people photos & ended up w/ architecture

Wandered down to TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) to grab a few shots of people. What do you know, I came away with more architecture. And a construction site. I think I may need therapy to get past my construction site passion. I did take a few photos of the mass of humanity down on King, but the best photos are the reflections coming off the buildings. I went down for a movie at 3:30pm, and when I came out around 6, the reflections were spectacular. The Bookings.com building on University and Wellington has some exciting light and mirror effects:

View of the Bookings.com building on Yonge near King St.
Yes, I did indulge in some Photoshop chicanery with these photos. I hate the tilted distortion look when taking wide shots of tall buildings. Occassionally the effect is stunning, but it wears very quickly. I’ve been practicing with the perspective warp feature on Photoshop to untilt the buildings a bit. Kind of hit and miss, but I’ll get better as I practice. Be prepared for the odd wonky looking building until I get the hang of it. The above photo came out quite well, but a bit grainy. The built in lens on my little Powershot isn’t the best for variable lights.

I’m also playing with levels more. Just a wee nudge can make a photo pop off the page. It’s especially good at bringing up the dark parts and bringing a bit of light to the shadows. Here’s the second shot, from a bit further south.Second photo of the Bookings.com building on YongeGreat mirroring effects. Look at the upper left of the building and you can catch the top part of the CN Tower showing off.  I pulled the blue sky from the previous photo and plopped it in because the sky was completely washed out. Looked like I had cut the sky from the image.  The reflections worked out beautifully. Beyond the sky fudging, the only thing done was a bit of adjustments with the levels. One of my favourite shots of the day. I’ll head back down to TIFF a couple of times and maybe I’ll actually get a couple of people shots. Don’t hold your breath, if I see one backhoe or digger, that’s all it’ll take.

Photographing  clouds east on Dundas at the foot of Old City Hall

Photographing clouds east on Dundas at the foot of Old City Hall

Padded around Old City Hall today, looking for interesting shots. Got some good contrasting images of old buildings and the shiny skyscrappers. This shot is one of the best of the day:

Photo of clouds reflected on side of skyscrapper near Old City hall in Toronto

This is on the north side of Dundas, standing at the front steps leading into Old City Hall. Looking east towards the Eaton’s Centre and The Bay.  The sun and clouds were perfect for catching reflections and I took nearly 50 photos. Not all are worth keeping, but after scanning through them, I think there are about 8 or 9 worth working with.  I’ll post them over the next few days as I finish sorting them out.

Light effects on buildings – King St & Yonge

Light effects on buildings – King St & Yonge

Just off Yonge St, south, west of King, you can find Commerce Court. Linger there, on a nice day and enjoy the sunshine and relative quiet in the downtown area. If it’s a bright day, you’ll be treated to one of the best special effects shows in town.  Wander around the courtyard and look up – you’ll see a variety of visual effects going on.  Commerce Court is surrounded by shiney, reflective skyscrappers that offer up a variety of shots to capture. One of my favourite effects is the mirrored buildings:

Commerce Court reflections - downtown Toronto buildings

It’s an impressive rippled mirror effect.  Like a living mural, constantly changing with the sun. Don’t forget to look a little lower. Buildings to the north create a neat white patterned effect on the shorter concrete buildings.  Enjoy.


Mother Nature’s wall art – light bouncing off buildings

Mother Nature’s wall art – light bouncing off buildings

If you wander around any city long enough, and remember to look up periodically, occassionally you are treated to impressive light effects. That’s one thing I like about Toronto. Light bounces off the skyscrappers to create special effects and give surrounding buildings a nifty textured look. The trick is, you have to be in the right spot at the right time. The sun moves just enough to change the effects and they vanish in a heart beat. I spent a bit of time stalking some of the neatest effects a few weeks ago. Here’s one of my favourites: Toronto architecture - Reflection of light from buildings on No 1 Yorkville TorontoBrushed metal effect: Light bouncing off buildings at No 1 Yorkville, Toronto Oct 12 2016

Once the new condo build goes up, the effect will likely disappear forever because the sun will be blocked. For now, I enjoy walking by it. If you are near Bloor and Yonge street around noon, take a short hike north on Yonge along the east side. You can’t miss the place, it’s the new condo build going up at 1 Yorkville. There’s a row of boarded up older buildings at Yorkville and Yonge, right across from the Reference Library. Just trot half a block north and turn south west to view the light display.  Not sure how long it lasts, but I’ve wandered by at 2pm and it’s gone. The side of the building takes on a textured metal effect courtesy of the building across the road.

I have a number of others I’ve set aside so I’ll work on them in the coming weeks. Drop a line down below if you wander by the spot and see the effect.