Be still my geeky heart – digital spirograph!

Be still my geeky heart – digital spirograph!

Someone created a digital Spirograph. Oh, be still my heart! Yes, someone took the effort to convert the old toy from the 60s, into an online version. Nathan Friend created the digital Spirograph in 2014, and it’s still running. Check it out here Inspirograph (

Opening screen for the digital Spirograph

Inspirogram is spirograph for adults

Digital Spirograph vs Traditional Spirograph

The digital spirograph is more fun than the original. My sister had Spirograph, back in the 60s and she adored it. She spent endless hours cursing the little gears for not staying in place and hunting for pens to use.  She created impressive designs. I was envious of her peculiar patience in working with the toy’s limitations.

Spirograph was insanely frustrating because I could never keep the gears from slipping, or the pens poking holes into the paper. Trying to figure out which gears made which pattern was irritating. I’d be humming along with a great design and then use the wrong gear and the pattern was destroyed. I preferred freehand drawing.

I have to admit, I was fascinated with the gears moving around and the possibilities. I still have a thing for gears and have a little box with old gears I’ve stripped from dead watches. I don’t do anything with them, just like them. But as for Spirograph itself, I would q with quickly get bored with it and wander off to draw birds and cats. Far more fun and I could use my pencils. I also have a weird thing for collecting pencils. Assorted brands, different leads. And pencil sharpeners. I love pencil sharpeners.  But I digress.

Folks on Facebook were chatting about old toys they had in the 60s and Spirograph came up. Someone pointed out a digital version of Spirograph existed. You have to love the internet, it’s filled with millions of ways to waste time. The digital Spirograph is called Inspirograph and it blows the manual version out of the water. No pen slipping, don’t like the pattern tap ctr z and remove it, change backgrounds, more colours than a jumbo box of Crayolas and you can save your masterpieces to download.

Digital Spirograph – more fun than a barrel of monkeys

Inspirograph is insanely addictive and memorising. You don’t need a mouse, just the arrow keys to move the gears around. I haven’t tried it on a touch screen, so I’m not sure if it works.

My first try at digital Spirograph - geometric patterns

Stars ‘n circles, oh my

White backgrounds are ok, but black is easier on the eyes.

Just tap the colour you want to use and start spiraling.

Inspirograph geometric design on black background

A person could waste an entire afternoon playing with this

The site is simple to master. No tricks, no bad code to trip up your design. Just a clean, functional site that offers a lot of distracting fun. When you stop to consider this was created in 2014, it’s a testament to Nathan’s skills that the toy works better than many newer online time wasters. 6 years and counting is old for the internet.

Digital spirograph - a flower burst on black background

I think of this as a flower bursting open

Go, have a ball, ignore Covid for an afternoon, download your art and put it on the fridge.

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