Distractions & fun courtesy of Microsoft Bing

Distractions & fun courtesy of Microsoft Bing

As if there aren’t enough time wasting things online, Microsoft offers a few simple, free games to help you along in your work avoidance endeavours. Wander over to Bing.com and click on the little hamburger grid on the top right corner: Bing's Fun and Games

You don’t need to sign in or have a Microsoft account to play they work on all the major browsers.  Hidden away are  a variety of games ranging from trivia to jigsaw puzzles to suduko. Some are quite challenging (Suduko comes to mind) while others are basic and far too easy. Great if you don’t want to concentrate and only have 5 or 10 min to kill.

Here’s a sampling:

The jigsaw puzzles are limited and easy to slap together. I managed the “hard” one in under 3 min.   Good if you want to turn your brain off for a few minutes.

Screen capture of Bing's crossword puzzle

Rubiks cube is fun to piss around with, but alas, like the cube in real life I’m hopeless.

Screen capture of Bing's Fun and Games Rubik's cube And yes, Suduko is offered:

Screen capture of Bing's Suduko game

You are given the option of easy, medium and hard games. Hopefully the hard option is better than the shamefully easy to solve jigsaw puzzles. Give it a whirl, it’s free.

Bing’s Fun and Games offers suduko, sliding tiles, Rubiks, crosswords, jigsaws, 2048, trivia challenges, and a geography quiz. For those of you who prefer a hard copy of your suduko or crossword, skip down to the bottom of the page and click on Bing’s printable puzzles. Here, you can pick the puzzle you are interested in. If you’re a hard core suduko fan, look at the top of the Bing page where all the categories are strung out and click on 3D suduko. Be warned – not all the puzzles offered come with solution sheets. Like I said – hard core! This feature simply takes you to the Bing search page, so you can fine tune your search.

More ways to avoid work, hidden in the Bing menu. Enjoy. Hopefully Microsoft will bump up the challenge level and offer more games in the future.