Sidewalks?  TO’s big FU to pedestrians

Sidewalks? TO’s big FU to pedestrians

Know what really ticks me off about living in Toronto? This:

Toronto blcity sidewalk blocked again

The endless blocks on sidewalks. This is typical – sidewalk blocked, a small sign pointing pedestrians to go right and BANG directed into traffic. Lots of traffic cones set out, all to protect the trucks and not a single one to protect pedestrians who have been directed out into very busy traffic. Not a single sign out to tell pedestrians to cross the road. Just a big “FU – go directly into the path of speeding traffic”.

What really set me off was the fact I came around the corner, expecting to have a safe lane to enter but found myself nearly clipped by a car dodging around the vans. I complained to the cop watching trucks come and go. Didn’t do a damn bit of good. I came back 2 hours later to find more trucks parked, same cop watching the big boy toys and still no warning to pedestrians that the route isn’t there. It’s hard enough being a pedestrian in this city, worse still when the city allows construction crews to pull half assed stunts like this. A little warning wouldn’t be that hard to put up.

No proper signage, no safe passage for pedestrians and dumped into traffic without warning – way to go Toronto. This ranks up there with vans and pickups who park on sidewalks, forcing pedestrians onto the roads.