Official Store Launch – merch to support Bitter Grounds

Official Store Launch – merch to support Bitter Grounds

I finally followed through on a project I started last year – merch to support the site. I spent a few months working on several design ideas, fussing over them, and looking at various online stores. Then all hell broke loose, and it was put on the back burner. Well, it is time to put all that work … er … to work.

Take a look at my merch Redbubble 

After looking at a few stores, I settled on Redbubble for a number of reasons – the most important being I’d already seen their products and liked them. A percentage of each sale goes directly to me. Shipping is available worldwide, so no matter where you are, you will be able to support Bitter Grounds and get something cool to show for it.

I haven’t had the store up long and already sold 4 items. A friend purchased 2 masks and was pleased with both the quality and design, so I feel comfortable recommending you “buy my stuff”. No idea who purchased the other items, but let me tell you, I was tickled when I woke up and found a pillow and mask sold during the night.

I have a few designs that will be up for Christmas only, so you might want to pop in now and then to see if anything tweaks your interests. What’s available? Lots of different items, like shirts, graphic ts, bathmats (I have a thing for cool bathmats), sweatshirts, socks, journals, magnets, stickers and of course masks. To see everything, you need to click the Redbubble link above,

Sampling of what merch is in the store

Masks? Yes, we have masks

Old pioneer airplane on a mask

Vintage images on masks look surprisingly good

Face mask with a cat silhouetted against night sky

Cat contemplating taking over the world

Black mask with "Coffee goes here" printed on it

Friend bought this one!


From my merch store - Canadian Maple Leaf Flag masks for sale at

Canadian Maple Leaf Flag masks ->

Most of the designs worked on masks. I’ve begun to focus on a lot of vintage stamps and aviation, so if you have a collector in your family, check out the store in a week for more philately and aviation related items. In the new year, I’m going to go heavy on both topics.

Shirts and sweatshirts too!

Coffee stain face with a lightbulb over the face

I have a couple “Coffee Stain Carl” images on the back burner

Graphic tshirt with large ink stains & slogan Carry/Spill/Repeat

Came up with this one after I dropped a bottle of ink on the floor.

Canadian flag sweatshirts

Show your Canadian pride with a sweatshirt

Most of the above designs were created over the summer months, while I was hiding out from the world. They started as doodles and sketches that gradually morphed into full-fledged shirt designs. I especially like Coffee Stain Carl (the first image). The original, was a coffee-stained note that I doodled eyes and a lightbulb on, giving me a bad case of the giggles. After refining the stain, tidying it up and finding the perfect lightbulb, CSC was born. A couple new images are in the works for the new year.

How about throw pillows?

Vintage airmail labels on a pillow

Vintage etiquette labels

One of the pillows sold shortly after it went up on the site! Colour me impressed.

Or journals

White hard covered journal with a circle stain face and light bulb

I designed quite a few journals because I use them all the time.

I have hardcovered journals scattered around the apartment. Each one is assigned a different task, so you can never have too many. You can grab soft covered notebooks as well.

Stickers, magnets, and water bottles

Magnet with Airmail symbol

Lots of stickers and magnets too

Water bottle with a skyscrapper photo on it

Dizzying optical illusions

Not sure if my fridge can hold any more magnets. Or maybe the magnets are holding the fridge together?

Bags of all sorts

Tote bag with a full picture of a dragon fly on a moss green background

Dragon flies are popular

Show your Canadian pride with a Maple leaf backpack

Or a knapsack?


Linear art work on a duffle bag

Took hours to get this design right

Black duffle bag with paint stains

Duffle bags look best with lots of colours

It’s been fun thinking of how to adapt my designs to viable products. The best part is how I can add and remove items whenever I want to make a change, so nothing will become stale on the store page. Drop by Bitter Grounds’ Shop and support the magazine. If you purchase anything, send me a photo when you get it. I’d love to hear from you.

Oh, and I have a truly ugly shirt design just in time for Christmas. A gift no one will re-gift back to you.




Nifty present for stamp collectors – mail them a balsa plane

Nifty present for stamp collectors – mail them a balsa plane

Have any airmail stamp collectors on your Christmas list? I’ve been lurking on the Suck UK website again and found the ultimate philately related gift.

Airmail balsa plane from Suck UK mail order

Is this cool, or what? Write a brief message, throw on the appropriate postage on and pop it in the mail. The actual item, before it’s constructed is an decent replica of an old style airmail envelope – when airmail was an exciting thing to receive. The design is charming, right down to the iconic red mail box on the front:

Balsa plane mail pack front

If you’re interested in buying one, Suck UK ships around the world. They’re a pretty inexpensive gift for any philately fan. But, I’d get 2 because one would be for the display and one for play: No idea who Suck UK is, but they have the funkiest gifts I’ve seen in a long time.

Awesome balasa airmail plane pack