Cuban farm photograph – 2007 vacation

Cuban farm photograph – 2007 vacation

Here’s a shot from a trip I took to Cuba in 2007.  I used my beloved, much missed Nikon Coolpix E990.  That camera took excellent photos. I abandoned it for a different model that let me use filters but I get all nostalgic for it every once in awhile. It was so easy to use.

Smartphone cameras are fun and can produce some excellent results, but I miss using a full camera. I’m going to save and pick up an SLR that will allow me to swap lens and use filters.  I have my eye on a Canon Rebel with a Canon EF 100MM F2.8 USM Macro and a few filters, but short of Canon donating one to me, that will be dream for awhile.  No idea if I can remember how to use the fancy schmancy camera, but it’ll be fun relearning.

The old Nikon had great colour balance but without the ability to pop on a filter, the skies were always a bit washed out:

Cuba Farm 2007 Nikon digital camera

Otherwise, it did a fairly good job.  The original was 1536 x 2048, 300 dpi and blew up beautifully. In the meantime, I’ll stick my nose to the store window and admire the Canon camera from afar.