Finding new ways to avoid work

I’m nothing if not inventive in finding ways to avoid settling down to write. Over the holidays I latched onto the idea that “if I rearranged the room, I might feel more like writing”. How’s that for some fine work avoidance thinking? I spent more time fussing over moving furniture than actually posting to the site. I’m impressed with my continuing devotion to the gods of procrastination. And yes, I did move everything around on New Year’s.  I also changed desks so now I have an awesome amount of space to fill up. The other desk was a too small which meant constantly moving shit around and trying to find a spot to prop my notebook or plop my coffee mug.  As a bonus, I  moved the clutter from the window so now there is awesome air flow cycling through. 

I discovered a small problem with the refit. The floor isn’t level so my chair rolls back towards the window when I’m sitting. ARGG.  I either have to de-wheel this chair or purchase some chocks.   

So, what’s coming in the new year? I now have more time to write. The person I was helping through cancer treatment is doing fine now (fingers crossed for the tests later this month) so I suddenly find myself with much more time on my hands. It’s an odd feeling.  I’m working on a series near and dear to my heart – conspiracy theories. No, no, I don’t buy into them, I enjoy destroying brain cells reading them. So I think I’ll post a few of my favourites under Whackadoodle Wed, where I share my favourite bits of nuttery

I have articles for the philately section ready for proofing so that should be much more consistent. As well, I’m going to retool the patents section. It takes forever to write up some of the articles so I’ll be posting smaller,  not so detailed items to fill the gap.  I had to take a bit of a break from photography (time constraints) and am ready to plunge back in. Part two of the Trip around St Clair is ready for proofing as well. Should be up in a couple of weeks.  

Still working on new ideas, but priority is fixing the damned wheels.