Shifting foot to foot in the cold, just to photograph a bunch of ducks

Shifting foot to foot in the cold, just to photograph a bunch of ducks

I really don’t do well in the cold.  Keep that in mind when you look at today’s photo offering. I trotted down to Queen’s Quay to snap a few photos of the ice. I usually avoid going down to the harbour during winter because it can be bitter but got this notion in my head that I had – yes had – to photograph ice on the lake. Not a clue why. And yet I did.

I’m glad I didn’t wimp out. Not a lot of photos, but a few that pleased me.  The day’s adventure was about testing settings to get the best colour balance. I didn’t exactly cover myself with glory on that end. Quite a few awful pictures, although a few stood out. I scoured them, trying to figure out what worked, what didn’t and think I’ll go back down in a week to try some new settings.

One thing I didn’t know was Toronto is the winter home to ducks that paddle around the tundra all summer.  Photo of long-tailed ducks at Toronto harbour

They are Long-tailed ducks. Funny thing, I didn’t see a single Canada goose, but I saw quite of few of thee elegant looking birds. My lens really isn’t ideal for taking long shots of wildlife, but it did an admirable job. I didn’t know one of the birds had reared up like that until I was home looking over the photos. I’ll post a few more tomorrow after I’ve finished cropping them down.

Much of the ice was gone, so there wasn’t a lot to look at, but I took a few. I liked the combination of light and clouds bouncing off the thin layer of ice. Took a bit of work afterwards to adjust the exposure, I didn’t have things quite right. I’d like to try again with completely different settings to do a comparison of the colours, exposure etc.  Photograph of Toronto harbour in the winter(I can’t believe I’m about to say this but …) hopefully it’ll get colder and the harbour will freeze up a bit more and I’ll slip down for another try, but I just looked out over the balcony, I see snow drifting down. Maybe I’ll lug my camera with me again today as I head out to work. Might get another shot like the ones I posted yesterday (take a look at them here).