Watching out for new Australia 2021 stamps

Watching out for new Australia 2021 stamps

Some of the Australia 2021 stamps have been announced. Yes, it’s that time of year when post offices around the world tease out upcoming releases. Australia Post’s stamps for Jan and Feb offer tradition, history, creatures, and home comforts. One set will appeal to aviation, airmail, Australian history, and militaria fans around the world. As of this articles publication date (Dec 29, 2020), none of the stamps listed are for sale yet, but check Australia Post office closer to  release dates Stamps – Sending (

Stamp subjects for Australia 2021

  • Chinese New Year
  • 5 Home comforts with Memorable Moments
  • Happy Birthday
  • 100 Years of the RAAF
  • Norfolk Island Lizards
  • Front Line Heroes

Australia 2021 stamps – Kicking off with Lunar New Year Jan 8, 2021

It’s now expected that post offices will issue a Chinese New Year, or Lunar New Year, stamp and Australia Post’s Christmas Island stamps don’t disappoint. Of all the Lunar New Year stamps I’ve seen this set will go down as my favourite.

Year of the Ox Australia 2021 stamp showing a stylized ox

Year of the Ox 2021 Christmas Island $1.10 value



Year of the Ox Australia 2021 stamp showing a stylized ox

Year of the Ox 2021 Christmas Island $2.20 value

Year of the Ox Australia 2021 stamp showing a stylized ox

Year of the Ox 2021 Christmas Island $3.30 value

It’s interesting to see how each country interprets the same subject. I was thinking this morning that this would make for an interesting study.  The Lunar New Year series, will also come in souvenir sheets, maxi cards, covers etc.

Scan of the Christmas Island Post Mark cancel showing a stylized Ox

Come hither and buy my stamps

Christmas Island’s First Day of Issue cancel is, well, adorable. The ox looks like flirtatious. Not sure if that was intentional, but now I want to get hold of a cancel. It’s a hell of a “come hither” glance.

Australia Post outdid themselves with this issue.  If there is a stamp collector in your life that is near and dear to you, you might want to consider the gold mini-sheet folder.  It’s breathtaking.

photo of Australia 2021 stamps for Year of Ox as a gold minisheet

Australia 2021 stamps feature a gold mini sheet with folder

Sydney, Australia based artist Chrissy Lau designed the series, and when I wandered through her site, I realised I’ve seen her art before. She designed Guernsey Islands Year of the Rat stamp series last year. Check out her distinctive style on her website: Chrissy Lau | Artist Illustrator | Portfolio.

Australia Post also has a full Chinese zodiac souvenir sheet displaying all the animals and years they are associated with. It would round out a Lunar New Year collection.

The full Chinese zodiac presented in stamp souvenir sheet

Souvenir keeper showing entire Chinese zodiac

 5 Home comforts with Memorable Moments – Jan 25, 2021

This is a set designed for comfort and home thoughts. Memorable moments for Australia 2021 stamps were designed by Keith Downes and Sonia Young, Australia Post Design Studio. Release date:  January 25, 2021. Five stamps in series. In the series will be:

  • $1.10 Bunnies showing stuffed toy rabbits
  • $1.10 Thank You
  • $1.10 Balloons showing colourful heart balloons
  • $1.10 Heart showing a heart graphic
  • $2.20 Blossoms


Australia 2021 stamp showing 3 stuffed bunnies hugging each other

You can never go wrong with bunnies – designed by Sonia Young

2 stamps from Australia's Memorable Moments. One saying Thank you the second stamp shows a bouquet of hearts

Thank you designed by Keith Downes & Happy Birthday Heart Balloons by Sonia Young

2 stamps from Memorable Moments showing a hand drawn heart and the other white flowers

Heart designed by Sonia Young and Blossoms by Keith Downes

The postmark reflects the overall “home comforts” theme.

Postal cancel for First Day Issue showing a heart balloon with the words Fist day of issue 25 Jan 2021 Sydney NSW

First Day Cancel for the Moments series

Happy Birthday Available from Order Jan 11, 2021

The Happy Birthday heart balloon stamp (above) will also be available for a personalised birthday greeting. Australia Post allows people to pre-order the stamp and birthday cover with a specific date on the cancel. You choose the birthdate of your choice and it will bear the appropriate date on the cancel.

Australia post cancel for the Happy Birthday stamp

Happy Birthday to you

100 Years of the RAAF Feb 9, 2021

As an aviation buff, this is the set for me. Although, my interest in airplanes stops with the advent of jet engines. I’m a canvas and wood kind of woman. The Royal Australian Air Force was formed Mar 31, 1921 and this stamp will help celebrate their storied history.

Australian Airforce 100th aniversary logo

1921 – 2021 the RAAF Logo for their centenary (not a stamp)

The usual covers, cards, stamps, and sheets will be issued. My favourite is the distinctive SE5a biplane. It’s hard to mistake that flat nose for anything but an SE5A.

RAAF biplane the SE5a in flight

The much-loved Scout

RAAF jet F-35 in flight

RAAF F-35 jet

Full image showing different covers and maxicards that can be bought

Covers, maxi cards and sheets ready for purchase in Feb.

The first day cancel features an F-35 in flight. It’s too bad the SE5a wasn’t offered as well.

First day Cancel showing a jet in flight

First Day issue cancel

Souvenir sheet showing both stamps

RAAF souvenir sheet

The series was designed by Jamie and Leanne Tufrey, who designed the 2014 Centenary of Military Aviation & Submarines for Australia Post. This series shares the style of the ’14 set, especially the Bristol Military Biplane number CFS-3 stamp.

Stamp from the 2014 Centenary series

Bristol Military Box kite, CFS-8 in flight from 2014

Norfolk Island Lizards Feb 9, 2021

Not to be left out, little lizards will be featured on a Norfolk Island series.

Norfolk Island stamps showing 2 lizards

Skinks and Geckos from Norfolk Island

Post mark for the Lizard stamps of Norfolk Island showing a gecko and skink

Best cancel of the year!

Skinks and geckos were designed by Jason Watts, who also designed 2020’s September Sydney to San Francisco mail steamer service stamp and the World Heritage Australia series from Oct.

Front Line Heroes Feb 16, 2021

Yet to be shown will be a series honouring the front-line workers of 2020. It sad it took a pandemic to make so many appreciate their day-to-day work.  When details are released, I’ll post more.

And finally

That’s all the news for Australia 2021 stamps to date. I spent a couple days signing up for newsletters from various post offices so hopefully, I’ll be able to keep you up to date on new releases. Keep coming back, I have a few more country issues for 2021 lined up and will roll them out over the coming weeks.

In the meantime, check out Japan’s soon to be released MOOMINS.

Calling all Moomins! 2021 will be a great Moomin New Year