Rogers wireless home phone – call forward

Helped a customer setup his shiny new Rogers home wireless phone. It works shockingly well.  The only trick is to make sure it has a clear line of site to a window for best reception. For $10 a month home phone, it’s a hell of a deal.

However.. oh you knew there would be a “but” didn’t you….

It took an epic support call with Rogers just to set up call forwarding. You’d think it would be easy … punch in a few numbers but nope… I was on the line with Rogers from 12:34pm to 1:57pm. Rogers kept giving all these instructions to set it up which didn’t work… that was after being transferred 3 times by tech support because NO DEPARTMENT WANTED TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE WIRELESS HOME SUPPORT <– Rogers please note the shouting. You think I was irritated? Good thing you couldn’t hear my customer, poor sod.  He gave up in utter despair. After much too-ing and fro-ing with Rogers, we finally found the correct numbers to punch in. Here they are:

*21*yourphonenumber# <– note the ** and the #. It’s important you use the # at the end or you’ll never get it work. To stop the service punch in #21# <– # on both sides. That’s it. You’d think Rogers would have that written down on a piece of paper somewhere….