I have to stay off r/ChoosingBeggars

I have to stay off r/ChoosingBeggars

I’ve been lurking over at r/ChoosingBeggars lately. Lots of time to kill while I wait in hospital corridors and luckily Reddit supplies an endless stream of entertainment. I stumbled  r/ChoosingBeggars and quickly became enthralled by the outrageous demands people make. It’s like watching a slow motion train wreck.  For the uninitiated in the weird world of Reddit, Choosing Beggars is a forum for people fed up to their back teeth with people asking for stuff and then getting picking and demanding.

Some of the posts are obvious fakes, but quite a few are completely believable. People never know when to stop and their sense of entitlement has now been turned into vicarious entertainment for us. This one caught my attention the other day.

Screen capture of a choosing beggars post on Reddit.

r/choosingbeggars  demanding free shit

 r/ChoosingBeggars post:

Bratty cousin stole my Netflix password and when I changed it he wants me [to give it] to him

Bratty Cousin (BC): Hello, this is [your cousin] I need your Netflix password because it doesn’t work anymore

Netflix subscriber (NS): How did you get my Netflix password? I changed my password because it kept kicking me off when I wanted to watch because other devices were watching.

And no you aren’t getting the password.

BC: Why are you being such a bitch. You don’t need all of it yourself.

NS: I said no.

BC: [posts a rude emoji]

Yea, kid, that’ll really encourage your cousin to share with you, you sweet talker. If you want to fry a few brain cells wander over to Reddit and amuse yourself.

Update: I’m deciding whether to video my first life hack test. The first try was a bit dodgy, and quite comical. I’ll likely do what I enjoy doing the most – photograph bits of it and do a write up. It’s far easier and faster.