Tweaking the horizontal hold again

I’m still mulling over design changes.  I think I just heard a couple people throw their hands up in despair.  The primary design is all fine but a number elements still elude me, like  banners for the tech midsection. I’ve run out of “WOW” ideas, hence the reason nothing has been altered.  That’s not really important, more a minor irritant.

The bigger itch is the single post pages.  The unutterable horror of the bland page is haunting me.  I can’t seem to break out of the design block I’ve hit.  As it is now, the single posts are tame and bloggy without a lot of personality.   I think it’s time to go cruising for fresh ideas and see if I can adopt something a bit more vibrant.  I’ve been experimenting with tailoring each sections single post page, but I’m not really sure that’s the path to take.

You may notice the odd little change here and there as I shift things around, test plugins etc. One of the issues I’m trying to improve is the flow to encourage readers to read more articles.  I have the traditional “here are some other articles I’ve written” on the right. I found a plugin that shows thumbnails, which breaks up the sidebar monotony (I’ll write about it later this week).  Another plugin, I’m testing Cresta Posts Box. If you look over -> there and down a bit, you’ll see a small slide out bar that suggests a page to read. I like the way it looks and will likely purchase the upgraded version so I can tweak the features to suit the site.

Beyond that, my brain is on idle.  There comes a time to step away from the design because it’s no longer possible to see the overall vision. Until I can come up with a solid idea, you’ll have to endure the bloggy style page and I’ll focus on throwing up content.