Pencil sketches, feathers and a crappy week

Pencil sketches, feathers and a crappy week

Trying to get over a weirdly awful week that started with the death of a friend and ended with me doing a classic face splat on the road and an ambulance trip to emergency for a patch up job.  It was one of those nano shit moments – a nanosecond before you tip over, your brain goes “aw shit” and down you go.  And now I have a nifty swollen black eye, broken glasses, an ugly cut on my eyebrow and a variety of bruises on the go as a souvenir for the week.

Did you know they can glue your forehead back together? A little glue, good as new… well not quite but almost.  After the repair job, off I went in search of a place to fix my glasses. They were oddly askew with the arms pointing in the wrong direction.  Hard to see when you can’t put the glasses on your nose. Made it as far as Eatons Centre and Lens Crafters fixed them up for me – no charge. Considering how badly damaged they were, I’m amazed they even offered to fix them.  Damn fine job they did to. Really pleased. Thought for sure I’d have to buy a new pair of glasses, they were that badly mangled. Wasn’t looking forward to spending $500 on them.

Started rooting around looking for something to cheer me up this morning, so I pulled out some pencils and paper. Began sketching after a long lay off.  I was paging through some of my previous drawings as well.  Here’s a page of feathers:

Pencil sketch of feather

Not a bad collection of feathers

I have a book of pictures I’d shoved on a shelf and neglected.  I drew these about 2 years ago (I think). Maybe longer, can’t remember.

Feathers are intriguing – each bird has such distinctive ones. Great fun.  I used a mechanical pencil with no .07 2b lead on these ones. Unfortunately, I dropped the pencil behind the bed this morning and will have to pull everything out to get at it. Bit of a pain, but my Staedtler mechanical is a favourite. It’ll have to wait until I can bend a bit better. After yesterday’s fall I’m not so pliable… maybe tomorrow.