Time away & a selfie in Stratford

Time away & a selfie in Stratford

Friends decided I needed a brain break from 2020. They arranged for a weekend of food, wine, a play and a selfie in Stratford, Ontario. One waggish friend asked if I combusted when I left Toronto. Happy to report I remained un-scorched. We meandered up via the back roads for a glorious weekend of wandering around, eating and sleeping. And more eating. Oh the food.  I’ve been trying to remember when I last escaped for a long weekend. At least 10 years, likely longer. There just didn’t seem to be any time to sneak off and be a tourist. Even before mom’s cancer diagnosis, there were other health issues that cropped up and kept us busy.  We wanted to go to Niagara Falls this summer, but life conspired against us.

People should think of Stratford for more than plays. What a great place to relax.  Great architecture, interesting history, wonderful places to stay and some of the best food I’ve had in awhile.  It’s been so long since I fully relaxed, I thought I’d never be able to again. Ah, the peace and quiet of Stratford soon put that into the past.

I took my camera with me, but didn’t use it a lot, more interested in just walking and drifting. I managed to get a few decent photos though.

Photo of signage for The Three Houses B&B

Only regret? Didn’t spend enough time sitting by the pool at The Three Houses

My only regret about the weekend? I didn’t spend enough time sitting by the pool, sipping wine and listening to our hosts regal us with great tales. We came for the quiet and left craving more entertaining stories – thank you David Lester! ROFL I could go back right now and not budge from the backyard pool. Just sit drifting with the breeze, laughing at the stories about Stratford & the festival. Single best weekend I’ve spent in at least 2 decades.

Photo of the front door of The Three Houses

The stories are worth the trip alone.

I did take some time to snap a selfie in Stratford

This is my favourite one. If I had just an inch or two more of height!

Selfie taken in a medusa like mirror showing just the top of my head

I’m too short for most selfies

The long weekend was … perfect in so many ways. Wonder if David needs a kitchen gnome. I’d be happy to perch in a corner, looking mildly decorative, being fed amazing breakfasts. Hmm, the banana pancakes. The croissants and jam. I better stop now or I’ll never end this entry.

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