Cat sitting & the best toebeans around

Cat sitting & the best toebeans around

Spent a couple hours trying to photograph some toebeans. No, I didn’t randomly stalk cats in the neighbourhood to photograph their paws. I’m catsitting. A friend goes away occasionally, and I get to play with her cat Simone. I fire up the tablet, let her watch videos, and read the newspaper to her. Quite honestly, she’s not terribly interested in politics. The rattling of the paper is more exciting to her. I spent nearly 2 hours tonight lying on the floor with my camera, trying to get good shots of her. She moves very quickly, and I suspect she enjoys yanking my chain. She’ll pose perfectly and when I lift the camera, focus cli… she moves out of the frame. Sly one that cat.  But she does have a lovely set of toebeans.

photo of cat toebeans

Whoa, nice set of beans

Simone is very patient with my antics. But occasionally I get this look:

Photo of Simone the tabby cat starring at the camera

Are you done yet?

If she could roll her eyes, she would. She’s too busy watching videos to pose and I get this bored “are you done yet, go read your book” look. So I put the camera away and let her enjoy YouTube. I pull out a book and read to her while she’s catching birds on the screen. Occasionally I get rewarded with a “murf” noise. Not sure if that means “shut up” or “wow, that’s interesting”.  Murf is the cat equivalent of the Canadian “eh”. Could mean many things.

Shh, leave my toebeans alone and let me watch YouTube

Photo of Simone the cat watching YouTube

Shh, don’t disturb me

She really enjoys the tablet. I initially tried a couple of games for cats – chase the squeaky mouse, swat the bugs, but Simone showed minimal interest. When I switched to Videos for Cats to Watch – 8 Hour Bird Bonanza, she perked up. She starts  a few feet away, watching, intently. Then, time to move in for the kill.

Simone the cat getting ready to charge the tablet

Crouch, stalk, attack

She’ll smack the screen a few times and then stroll off like “meh, I didn’t really want to catch that bird”.  A quick walk around the apartment, tail high and twitching and back at the screen.  But no way will she show too much excitement to the human in the room.

Simone the cat flaked out on the floor watching YouTube

Stop bugging me, I’m busy

When apartment circuit is completed, Simone plops down in front of the screen, stretches out and watches birds and squirrels flit about.  She’s quite companionable, as long as she gets her YouTube. Tomorrow her human returns and she’ll go through YouTube withdrawal. We’re trying to convince her human to buy Simone a shiny new tablet, but so far, no luck. I think the fear is she’d spend all night watching videos and eating snacks. Regardless, she’ll be happy to have her friend back. I’m a poor substitute at best.

You have to admit, they are killer toebeans, aren’t they?