Peering through the windows at Allen Gardens

Peering through the windows at Allen Gardens

How about some odd shots from a trip I took to Allen Gardens in March? Ok, I didn’t go into the greenhouse, I lurked around the outside. The place was too crowded, so I stayed in the sunshine. I have a bunch of photos left over from winter shots but, in all honesty, I simply can’t stand looking at one more photo of snow and ice. They’ll have to wait until a heat wave hits and I need a bit of relief.

I wandered around the grounds for a while, taking shots of this and that, finally ending up behind the main building.  When I took the photos, I was interested in the lines and structure of the building itself. I didn’t realise I had captured the people inside until I processed the images. Some of the shots are delightful snippets of random strangers among the foliage.

Hey, look at this photo! – random photos at Allen Gardens

Each pane seems to tell a micro story. Photo taken from outside Allen Gardens

Looking through the windows at Allen Gardens

Hide and seek

Another view of the inside at Allen Gardens, through the windows

Each windowpane tells a different story

Man yelling at tree

Photo of people in the windows of Allen Gardens

Some of the stories are amusing without context

After I looked at these, I quickly threw them up on Instagram and then wished I’d taken more.  It’s interesting that each pane tells its own micro story.   I’ve looked at the settings I used and think a second trip is in order.  Now that the weather has improved, I have no excuse… but I’m sure I’ll find one to justify my inertia.