More #TTC subway horrors – anxiety driven artwork at track level

More #TTC subway horrors – anxiety driven artwork at track level

I spend way too much time on the TTC, but it sure beats sitting in the traffic above ground. Which brings me to more horrors along the Union Station stop. I swear, the artist behind them must hate humans. The people are usually so bowed and defeated looking. I’m puzzled why they were picked:

No happiness for you

I call this one “Happiness is two cars over”. Bleak, depression and mind numbing. I caught a cool reflection in the one on the right, which makes the photo a bit more interesting. Otherwise meh.

Then we have the two at the far end of the platform:

unhappy pair - ttc art

Mr and Mrs Thundercloud.  They could be pensive, or tired. But I’ve noticed a real trend with the artwork on the TTC – everyone looks loaded down with worries.

This one isn’t bad.

Artwork on the TTC - I have to pee.

The kid simply looks bored or eager to get off because he has to pee.  Take your pick.

In a city brimming with talent, they should have picked something that doesn’t evoke such negative emotions.

Dreariest artwork in the city – TTC Union station fail

Dreariest artwork in the city – TTC Union station fail

I’m sure my friends are a little tired of hearing me mutter about the artwork in the Union TTC station. I’ve been nattering on for months now. I’m not a person who thinks art should be all fluffy lambs and pretty scenery – art can and should challenge. I like gamboling livestock, don’t get me wrong, but I really enjoy art that offers me something new each time I see it. There is a lot of modern Canadian art I’ve grown to deeply appreciate. Which brings me to the title of this photo essay: “Dreariest artwork in the city”. When the TTC renovated the Union stations, they did a great job. Big, bright, roomy. And then they slapped up some of the most depressing images on the platform:

unhappy people - artwork on the Union TTC stations stop

It’s an endless row of depressing, dark and oppressive images that stretch along the length of the platform:
leering man - artwork on Union TTC stop

It doesn’t end, stretching from one end to the other. I call the one above “The Leering Man”.

Hopeless mother W/ child - art on Union TTC stop
I feel utterly hopeless when I look at them … not really the imagery you want on a subway platform. A bit further up from where I was standing is an appalling set that includes people with horribly distorted fingers, a mother figure who looks utterly wretched and hopeless with a child picking it’s nose.

I’ve actually overheard someone say to meet them on the platform near the kid with his finger up his nose. It’s that bad.

Holy Hanna TTC, throw us a bone, offer something that doesn’t make me feel like flinging myself into oblivion. Maybe even a fluffy lamb or two? Something? Anything but what’s down there.